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jj abrams home exterior

Credit: via Redfin


  1. KenG

    Very nice home and not the typical “over-the-top” celeb mansion.
    However the price in insane, even for the area!

    The house itself is beautiful but more along the line fo what you’d see on “Fixer Upper” or “This Old House” (tasteful but fairly straightforward carpentry and trim). And it sits on just over a half-acre. I kept thinking if this home was situated in mid-Texas around the hill country, or Boise or even in Vermont, etc. it would be on a much larger property and go for closer to $1 or $2 million – Not $22-million!
    It just shows how overpriced (and over taxed) California is! I don’t know why he is moving from his custom home, but I imagine he is moving to get out of the over-congested and horrible area LA County has become. Heck if I had the opportunity I’d be out of California myself!

  2. Nachtwulf

    I don’t think it’s taxes. Seaside SoCal has always been ridiculously expensive… all the way back to the 70s. Which is funny ’cause every time there’s a storm, another 12″ of your yard ends up laying on PCH…

    I remember driving along it and counting how many of those multimillion dollar houses had patios hanging out into space over the highway…

  3. Joseph Kastner

    And Jar Jar Abrams has the audacity to talk down to us about white privilege? What a joke

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