Comments for You Could Work With The Muppets – Here’s How!


Credit: Disney


  1. Dave

    I would love to try my hand (and voice) at being a Muppeteer, but I do not fit the criteria that they are looking to hire. Except for my height.

  2. Chris

    What does being 5’4″ and above have to do with being a puppeteer? Amazing how the Jim Henson company wants to be inclusive and diverse, yet, it excludes people of short stature and heterosexual white males too apparently. So, if a woman of color who is lesbian applies to audition but falls below the height of 5’4″, will she then be ok with being told she can’t have a job because she is too short then? Double standards are alive and well aren’t they?

  3. Shay Pounds

    I’m a white male. I’m out.
    White Males need not apply., That is exactly what was said here.

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