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gina carano as cara dune

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  1. Confused

    Horrible article. Why waste the time writing it?

    1. Alvahardison

      I do not think the fascists at disney will bring her back. It was a good article.

      1. Tripper

        Gina makes like of the goddamn Holocaust and it’s Disney who are the fascists?

        Yeah O.K.!

        1. Tyr153

          Tipper how many times do you need to be corrected?

          Gina likened the divisiveness of the current day media, of pitting people against each other, to that of Nazi propaganda. (No one can argue with that). The media is not your friend.

          She was commenting on MEDIA!!! The only reason you chose not to accept what she said is because It doesn’t server your bias to know the facts. (Nor do you give a ^%$ about what is true).

          I’ve often commented on the issue, in which the media blatantly attacks groups of people. It’s borderline hate speech.
          That is NOT okay!

          You allowed to have your own opinion about Gina. But instead you’ve twisted Gina’s words and spoken the lies out your own mouth. These are behaviors that we considered immoral. (bearing false witness).

          You can hind behind any cause you want and used it like a whore, but we see through you, unprincipled, lying deceiving, ugly, nasty human you are.

          1. You Ugly Manbaby

            Like you jackasses don’t twist things around to suit YOUR agendas. You are one nasty, ugly, low-IQ manbaby.

  2. B M

    There used to be a thing in this country called “difference of opinion”, people realized that, could still be civil to one another, and even be friends. It’s called freedom of speech. It’s not freedom of speech if someone cannot say something you disagree with – that’s called fascism. The woke crowd accepts nothing short of total destruction of anyone they disagree with and they have an unhealthy hatred for them. Only one side is permitted to have an opinion. Disney, and most all entertainment, have signed up with this crowd to the point they are willing to throw away half their audience. Entertainment used to be about enjoying something outside the stresses of life that everyone could enjoy – a brief escape from that stress. Now it has become nothing more than a way to promote one sides political agenda.
    So, no, unfortunately Gina will not be returning to Disney. As long as Kathleen Kennedy is running Disney, the Star Wars franchise will continue to get worse.

    1. Andy

      Pretty sure them not hiring her again was Disney using their freedom of speech & them specifically trying to not lose half their customers. It was laughable to see people who clearly had never seen Star Wars try to define her, like those who acted like she was the only role model for young girls ?

  3. Evan

    She was a bad employee, she broke the rules of her employment and she got fired. End of story. This isn’t a free speech issue. It’s an issue of consequences for poor behavior. Free speech is not without consequences. Karens get fired every day for outing themselves as racists, their racist speech has consequences. This is no different. Her opinions are bigoted. She was warned. She continued. She got fired. Nothing wrong with that!!!!!! Disney’s hand was forced as her employer when she broke the stipulations of her contract. The End.

    1. Dan

      You are wrong. Her comments were strictly 1st Amendment protected. There was no bad behavior. She didn’t riot, invade the capitol or burn down any buildings. She voiced her opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

      1. Andy

        Yo Dan, Disney isn’t the government. They have the freedom to employ whoever they wish (assuming no gender, racial, religious, etc issues). If I started putting up tweets that mocked parts of our customer base, I would 100% expect my work to fire me.

        She didn’t get arrested, so her 1st amendment rights were 100% NOT infringed on

      2. Jeremy

        Could you explain, specifically, how this is a 1st amendment violation? Disney is the government? I mean, I expect that be true in like 20 years, but not today.

    2. DestroyMarxism

      Hi Evan. You’re a cunt.

      1. Be real

        No. He’s more intelligent and informed than you, manbaby.

      2. You're Darwin's Theory Proven True

        And you’re an unevolved ape.

  4. Jen

    That’s not what the tweet said at all… journalism used to stick to a strict moral code of reporting the truth. In other words, FACTS. You skew the entire article to fit a personal opinion and personal views. This is why I don’t trust any media and your agendas.

  5. Rango

    Politics aside, she was a horrible actress. I hope not true.

  6. CD

    Doubt it. Gunn was a mature adult who understood one should apologize when they do something wrong. Carano threw a toddlerish temper tantrum. Huge difference. And people who fall in the latter category tend to be hard to work with in general, whereas the former tend to be some of the best to work with. Never, ever work with someone who can’t admit their own mistakes if you can help it. It’ll always cost you more than it gains you.

  7. DrewviesMovies

    Yeah I no longer see this site as legit ?

    Covering him is just bad faith.

  8. Cam Holtoe

    The only way I see this happening is if Kennedy steps down from Lucasfilm. She’s the one who has created a culture of political posturing there.

  9. D. Brian Weaver

    Her Tweets were not racist nor were they anti-Semitic but from her point of view, after 4 years of Libertard Propaganda spewed by The Sycophant Democrat Celebrity Flock and The Bias Mainstream News Media Outlets of course she complained that working in Hollywood, as a Conservative is as dangerous as being a Jew under Nazi control…. Yes I know that isn’t the exact quoted context but that was how she and 75 million other Conservatives felt and still feel…… The Demonicrat Herd spent all that time threatening to attack Conservatives in public so I don’t blame her for her Tweets that Cry Baby MEllennials Of Generation Whine Took Offense Too….

    1. Grow Up

      And yet you call others “libtard”…sounds like YOU need to grow up as well.

  10. Dan

    She didn’t “make a Tweet comparing being a Republican to being Jewish during the Holocaust”. First off it was an Instagram post not a Tweet, second she didn’t make it she just shared it, and third it didn’t mention Republicans at all.

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