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  1. Brad

    No, but we have been stuck in The Haunted Mansion several times. Once was actually super-cool. The cast members let us hang out inside the Mansion while waiting for the ride to come back up. We all sat in the stretching room and the cast members told us stories and hints to make the day better. We haven’t been on Indy while it’s been broken down, but we have had to leave the queue several times for issues. We always ask for a pass when it comes back online, and have always received one.

    1. Leeann Jacket

      Oh! That’s good to know. I thought that only happens if you’re on the ride & it break down. Thanks! 🙂

    2. Leeann Jacket

      Oh! That’s good to know. I thought that only happens if you’re on the ride & it breaks down. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Dad

    Actually this ride is shut down every time a guest reports a “lost item” the track needs to be walked to locate said item due to the track design. If something where to get stuck in the below ground track, the rode is shut for hours for the repair. Take off your hats people.

  3. Yonelie

    If you were given a multi experience pass, don’t waste it on Indy. Trot that pass right over to Rise of the Resistance!

    1. Dad

      Won’t be accepted

  4. Philip

    At least the one they got stuck on wasn’t the “It’s a small world after all” in Epcot, having to hear that song on a loop is enough to drive anyone into a murderous rage.

  5. Kdzndgz

    I’ve been stuck on Space Mountain. That sucked coming off of. They turned on all the lights & pushed us. I was not impressed with the craftsmanship of the ride but I went again anyway for free. (Back in the day of so many tickets per ride.)
    Also stuck on Splash Mountain. Escorted off the log, up a stairway & out an exit.

  6. Dave

    Happened to us. They saw something come off our vehicle so they stopped the ride, lit up the place and guard rails came up from the floors.
    They spent 15 mins looking for something but never found it. Got to ride back to the start with all the lights on, then again through the ride normally.

  7. Leeann Jacket

    That happened on Pooh opening day. He was also where he could see the exit. I wonder how many people just get off & walk when they’re that close to the exit. People do walk off on Haunted Mansion, regardless of where they are. Lol! 😂

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