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indiana jones in space


  1. Jean Mooney

    I don’t like the idea of Indiana Jones 5 done in Space at all. Especially Harrison Ford doing all those Star Wars Movies. This doesn’t sound good to me for the last Indiana Jones. The Last one should be Spectacular!!

    1. Mickeba

      How could an action movie with a nearly 80 year old star be spectacular? You know cos they film him from behind that it’s not him running or jumping. It couldn’t possibly be spectacular. When Connery hit 80, if they’d have made a Bond with him, it would have been a sad joke, much like this will be. Audiences need to have some standards and expect more for their money and stay away from this. The audience is a colossal part of the problem with nonsense like “Indy in Space!!!!” Ugh!!!

  2. Amazonite

    I hope there is a nod to Willie Scott from Temple of Doom, even better if she made a cameo appearance! Such an underrated character!!!

  3. Henry

    Not excited about this.

  4. Jacob

    I think there should be more of Indiana. I do want to see the trailer and watch this new movie. I don’t like when someone complain about Indiana films that can be fun to watch instead of complaining

    1. Mickeba

      Then do it like 007. Recast a younger actor to make it a realistic story, not just roll out 75, 79, 87, centurion Harrison Ford cos he’s still alive, wants the money, and you’re willing to pay. Everyone involved needs to have higher standards, especially viewers who keep lining up and paying for this garbage because it’s “fun to watch.”

      1. EF

        Agree. Stop at third or go 007 route.

      2. Henry Rush

        Why does anyone watch any movie? Because they ARE FUN TO WATCH!! Have you lost your mind in your desire to gripe & moan about rumors for an upcoming movie that we really know NOTHING about?! God you trolls all just suck the fun & life out of everything you comment on! But that’s the point isn’t it? To be a miserable SOB & to just complain & tear everything down no matter what it might be! So have your fun, tear everything down, show readers what a negative jerk you are raining on everyone’s parade – but know that the reality is that you & the handfuls of other trolls posting here & in other comments are by & large the extreme minority of pitiful little sadsacks who try to make themselves feel big & powerful by trolling everything they possibly can.

    2. Jamie Feeser

      Should have stopped with the 3rd one. The 4th was horrible. A couple good scenes but the alien part ruined the whole movie. I think it should be like the 3rd but Ford should be like Connery was. A story about his son on adventures & he comes along for the ride.

  5. Jacob

    I think there should be more of Indiana. I want to watch the trailer and watch it. I don’t like when someone complains about Indiana films. There fun to watch instead of complaint about it.

  6. CBM

    Just NO! That would be a ridiculous plot line.

  7. JustDontWatchItThen

    I’m excited to read all of the whining, no matter what the film ends up being about.

    1. backcountry164

      So you’re even more pathetic than the people who do the whining. Props for having the courage to admit that…

  8. Sigurther

    Couldn’t be happier if this movie failed to get off the ground. Just don’t.

  9. Mickeba

    This should have ended after the 3rd one. Money grabs like this really cheapen the legacy of these films except sadly, sheep keep showing up to watch cos sheep have low standards and are easily entertained. Bad, bad idea.

  10. No Way

    Didn’t we have Cowboys and Aliens already?

    Would do a recast younger Indy and let Harrison become his Fathers role.

    1. EF

      That would make the most sense.

  11. Tamara Dowd

    Wine, wine, wine, all four have been fantastic stories and movies no matter the actors ( who were great also). So don’t watch it if you think it’s a bad idea and let the rest of us enjoy !

  12. James

    I love the Indy movies, granted the 4th could’ve been better, it was a little hokey at times but still fun. This just based on the article seems a little far fetched but what seems like the saving grace is James Mangold making the movie. He’s very good at what he does, just look at the last two Wolverine movies and how good they were. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a good story and probably send off of Ford’s version of Indiana Jones.

  13. Storey

    I really hope this rumor doesn’t come to fruition. Indy in space is an awful idea.

  14. Lucas Loyalist

    If this is true, then it sounds terrible, and I’m completely onboard with this.

    If this is what it takes to show the world that you can’t make Indiana Jones without George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is a GOOD Indy film, as great as the previous 3, then so be it.

  15. Paul skip Markle

    Sure why not Indiana Jones in space I think it’d be a perfect fifth edition of the franchise Harrison Ford you kick ass man just like I told Robert Downey Jr without him marvel wouldn’t be marvel just like The grateful Dead isn’t like the grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia I know times you’re catching up to you you just keep making those movies as long as you can more power to you just without you there would be no indie

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