Hilary Duff Reveals She Wasn’t Sent the ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Makeup Line

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In March, the popular makeup brand ColourPop released a new makeup line based on the popular early 2000s sitcom, Lizzie McGuire. The Disney Channel show starred Hilary Duff as the title character and ran from 2001 to 2004. Although the show only ran for two seasons, it had a cult-like following and is still fondly remembered by fans today.

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ColourPop’s new Lizzie McGuire line includes everything from lip glosses to eye shadow and pressed powder, and they have names that every Lizzie McGuire fan will know and love. There are lip glosses named for Lizzie’s friends, Miranda and Gordo, and her crush, Ethan Craft. There are also shadows and powders that represent The Lizzie McGuire Movie — with names like “sing to me paolo” and “what dreams are made of.”

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When launching new lines, makeup brands will often send PR samples to people will a large social media presence, as well as professional makeup artists, and that is something ColourPop did with this line. However, it seems that they left out maybe the most important person they could have sent the Lizzie McGuire products to — Lizzie McGuire herself. Hilary Duff — AKA the original Lizzie McGuire — shared on social media that she was snubbed by the makeup brand.

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According to a report by Business Insider, the story began when Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner shared on her Instagram that she was the proud owner of some of ColourPop’s Lizzie McGuire collection. She also tagged Hilary Duff in her story.

As reported by Business Insider:

The following day, Duff responded to Turner’s photo with a video. She tagged Turner and Colourpop in the clip, and added a Lizzie gif.

“So Sophie Turner just tagged me in her Colourpop lip gloss ‘Lizzie McGuire’ post, and I’m just kind of scratching my head, literally,” Duff said. “Why didn’t they send me any? Curious. Definitely curious.”

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Lizzie McGuire was coming back into the spotlight when Disney announced that they would be rebooting the show and bring back almost all the original cast, including Hilary Duff. However, Duff revealed that the Lizzie McGuire reboot had been scrapped as there were too many creative differences between the show’s original cast and showrunner — who was also brought back — and the top executives over what direction the show should take.

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As of this writing, ColourPop has not responded to the star’s claim, and they have not addressed why Duff was left out of the PR plan for the makeup release.

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