Comments for Disney Guests Get “Lost” Inside Splash Mountain!

Splash Mountain in Disneyland

Credit: Helana Mulvey /Disney Parks Blog


  1. Diane

    People will do anything to get a video to put on social media, you can see that on YouTube all the time (I dont do TikTok) and this woman is no different, I dont believe a word of what happened after the initial evacuation, she is just a chancer who took the opportunity to head off where she should have been and got away with it.
    Im so sick to death of these attention seekers. My view is that if social media didn’t exist the number of people going to Disney would be a heck of a lot less and the demographic would also be different too, mainly families and older couples and older singles.

  2. Some young people just like to ignore instructions at any cost to themselves and others and don’t care if it puts out other people or not, I call them trouble makers

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