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  1. Baxter

    This article is like QAnon for nerds.

    Lucas washed his hands of Star Wars by cashing a $4 billion dollar check. Also did everyone forget he is good friends with Kathleen and had put her in charge of LucasFilms before he left?!

    1. Backcountry164

      Right, because no one has ever changed their mind.
      His regret is painfully obvious, you’d have to be the Qanon theorist to be able to con yourself into believing otherwise…

      1. LastJediIsaMasterpiece

        Baxter is right on the money, and every six months when these articles pop back up the crazies all eat it up with a spoon.

        1. As stated above, Lucas handpicked Kathleen Kennedy, a woman he had worked with closely in the past and who had a significant hand in producing your entire childhood. You and the other CHUDs might hate her, but Disney, Lucas, and anyone sane does not.

        2. There is no “do over trilogy.” Not gonna happen. Not ever. Disney doesn’t operate like that, and they certainly aren’t gonna spend billions on 3 new movies to placate a lot of internet crazies.

        They certainly have seen the (ludicrous) backlash, and their move has been and will continue to be to focus on fairly safe stuff – Obi-wan, Mandalorian, Ahsoka Tano, Bad Batch – while adding around the fringes. They also know that there would be no benefit in creating a whole new trilogy when the Star Wars crazies will literally go to any film or watch any show that debuts anyway,

        3. Disney did not buy one of the biggest media properties on the planet, and to have ever existed, to a few years later hand back creative control to the creator. Not only would this make them look totally inept, they simply would not want to deal with the ego of Lucas (or any creator who believed in their work/universe as strongly as he does) which could lead to public clashes, fallout, and an even worse end result. Lucas also hates the studio system, and creates the prequels wholly independent of it. I’m SURE he would be grateful to have to report a Disney board of directors. In short, there is NO upside for Disney there.

        4. Even if Disney was stupid enough to bring back a famously combative creator, they certainly aren’t going to hand over creative control to one who is 77 fucking years old. Disney looks long-term, and 77 ain’t it. It’s like all the CHUDs have no idea how studios, and Disney especially, operate.

        5. As for Lucas being present on sets, that’s essentially because Favreau and Filloni respect him and want his insights. It’s totally possible Lucas will or has already attained a sort of emeritus position, and maybe he will even help co-create a show. But ain’t no way in hell you will ever see George Lucas solely overseeing a new film, film trilogy, or the franchise ever again.

        But hey, what do I know? Maybe George is back and Trump won. #QLIVES

        1. Michael Smith


        2. Daryl

          Couldn’t have said it better

        3. Backcountry164

          LOL! You don’t actually think anyone read that long winded rant do you?? I just made a simple factual statement. Sorry, didn’t mean to hurt your butt so hard…

          1. Jeff D

            I read it and he’s right on the money. You may not like it but it is the reality.

          2. Biff Bifferson

            I read it. It only took like 30 seconds. Was it really that difficult?

        4. Tracey


        5. Dexx

          I was going to comment, but this summed it up MUCH better than I could have.

        6. LordP.O

          Even if Disney were willing to give him back control in some capacity it would never work. Lucas was heavily disgusted with the amount of control the studio had over American Graffiti so his goal was to become independent, free from the Hollywood machine and after the original Star Wars he was truly able to go on his own. He funded the rest on his own, got kicked out of the directors guild and went rogue. No studio was ever going to tell him what to do again……so we can all see why a marriage between Lucas and the most hated corporation in the world wouldn’t work lol

        7. Adam Thompson

          Abrams is a less liked director than Lucas…

        8. tom

          provlem is not renewing old episodes..or make some new…its more deeper politic as you wrote dude…

        9. Shon

          Right..never happen… Like a studio would never let a creator reclaim their vision…. Oh wait…there is that whole Snyder cut thing that happened ?

      2. Bob

        you should check the source on this one. The person floating the rumor is a youtubber named DOOMC*Ck
        Yeah… not a reliable source.

        Yes people change his mind but Lucas had said many times that he was done with Star Wars.

        1. alva hardison

          Just like he said after the 3d movie he was done. Then years later he was back at it. I do not care either way.

          1. Bob

            he never once said after the OT he was done. In fact he said many times he wanted to do 6 more movies and talked endlessly how the OT was the middle of the story.

            He did say after the PT that he was never going to do a ST and he was right.

      3. LordFury

        George Lucas had already written a sequel trilogy and was about to start production of it when I decided he was too old and wanted to retire and spend time with his family as he had a 6 yr old daughter and wanted to spend his days with her.

      4. JohnDoe

        George Lucas took 2 billion in cash and the other 2 billion in shares. So it is very much possible after Kennedy’s betrayal of the agreed upon script. We shall see…

    2. Phil Davis

      Interesting enough, but thousand’s of lost children were found under Trump, not a peep from our trusty news organizations. You see this constipation you have with this conspiracy is wrong. It has some real truth behind it. It will come out just like the covid virus is from a lab, and soon it will be the Fouci virus, you’ll see. Every conspiracy theory is coming true. And stolen children for sex to the rich will be proven true. So your comment on George is irrelevant.

      1. S

        Get help.

      2. Fred

        Thousands of lost children are found every year. A quick google search shows that there was no meaningful difference in the number under Trump.

      3. Matt Mosher

        Theres always one douche bag who has to bring politics where they don’t belong. Congrats on being that douche bag.

    3. Joe

      Ummm lastjediIsamasterpiece you went on a never ending story type of rant full of childish name calling . Stop projecting . Your opinion is great but don’t pretend it’s fact and your handle destroys your credibility cause that movie was hot garbage along with the other 2.

      1. alva hardison

        I watched the first two but not the last. Rogue One is the best of all the new movies. Great movies.

    4. E

      Not to mention that Lucas is a hack who makes awful movies no one wants to see because he cannot write dialog.

    5. Joe

      Yes he sold star wars to Disney but in the contract he maintained ability to stop or change things if they were going in a direction he couldn’t live with.

  2. J Coots

    No that’s a bad idea. George did 2 Great movies, 1 meh movie and 3 bad movies. Disney’s record is overall better than Lukas. Disney was saddled with Kennedy by Lukas so still bears some responsibility for her run. So Thanks George but enjoy your money and retirement

    1. Steve3PO

      ^^^ This

    2. Phil Davis

      No they were not bad at all. They were needed story lines to tell because this universe is huge. Would you understand Vader without the prequels? And there’s far more to tell yet to come going further back. So you see you’re absolutely 100 percent wrong. Enjoy the ride, it’s a lifetime plus story.

      1. #WatchStarWarsEveryDay

        “It is important to note that this information remains entirely unconfirmed by either The Walt Disney Company or Lucasfilm. Furthermore, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek recently announced that Kennedy’s tenure with Disney will continue, at least for the foreseeable future.” … so stop with these BS articles. There is no good reason to bring this nonsense up every few months. Lucas is done with big companies and big films. He got $4.1B from Disney, but not get more from the “white slavers” (his words).

    3. Noname

      Wrong. Lucas is a terrible director. He is at max a mediocre script writer. But he can create a universe and stories like a god. As a creative director he would not be a director and only would maybe write on a scripts with others and not alone. But he would create stories and will direct where the universe will go in the future.

      1. No goerge no

        Look at Crystal Skull where he filled the role you described and produced a steaming turd. Lucas’s creative days are over.

        1. Backcountry164

          The train wreck that was Crystal Skull was still better than the sequel garbage…

          1. No george no

            If we’re talking varying degrees of terrible, neither is a solution, especially George.

    4. Steven

      Star wars is garbage with Disney in charge and Lucas film has been driven into the dirt by Disney. Disney ruined Star Wars in every way.

  3. Nopers

    Star Wars is dead after that last trilogy.

    1. Tracey

      it isn’t

    2. Bob

      I remember when people said that after the Holiday Special, and the Special Editions where Han shot first… and then about the Prequel Trilogies.

      And yet here we are with Star Wars making more money and now more projects then ever

  4. Bojack horseman

    If it retcons those turd sequels then I’m all in

    1. Exactly, same here. I absolutely hated the sequels. Rey had no character development at all and the original trilogy characters had the lamest deaths ever. Rey becomes the most powerful jedi because she’s a female and that’s exactly what Disney wanted. At least George Lucas put in character development through his trilogy. While making the end a good one, i even consider the EU canon. Not this new Disney garbage that they give us for forced canon. I’d rather take different stories and Luke’s story to his God like powers than the current canon anyday

      1. Daryl

        Yeah your hatred clearly blinded you to what actually occurred in the movies.

  5. DhampirDanny

    Look, if he can somehow redeem the Skywalkers legacy I am all in. If it’s some other crap though, please just go away!

  6. Joe

    Let’s give Georgie one last chance. One movie. If he blows it, bye Felicia.

  7. Lando Calrissian

    Great, more nonsense sourced to Cosmic Book News, which just makes up whatever it feels like and has never been proven right about a single one of its ridiculous stories.

  8. Paul


  9. Andy capp

    Get rid of ja ja binks,,me be so happy to lose binks.
    Seriously though, all we have seen from these films and shows, is the light side always wins.
    We need films that show the true power of the dark side, example rogue one was a good film, but the ending was AMAZING!!
    Letting Vader loose, showing his power with no remorse, was the highlight for me.

    I Seriously think that the dark side is the way to go, showing thousands of years of sith history, death and destruction, leading up to the original films.
    Yes, it’s disney, it’s family orientated, but if they don’t show the true dark side, people will get sick and tired of the light side, the goodies always winning.
    There are always 2 sides to a story, it’s about time we were shown the power of the dark side.

    1. Caleb

      Especially considering that Star Wars was never about good vs evil in its entirety. There was a component of that, but even Lucas himself has said that the force in balance is the Light and Dark. Disney retconing it to the dark side is the force out of balance is garbage, so, we need to see the true balance of the Force… So give us the dark side’s view for some things!

      1. Tomber

        Um, I don’t know where or when you heard Lucas claiming it was dark and light balance, but I’ve always heard his opinion was ‘dark side is a blight on the Force’. That’s the reason we don’t have Greys outside the realm of fanfic.

    2. Chris Wood

      I like your thinking! Stories about the Sith are highly more entertaining. The 3 stories about count dukoo in the clone wars have proven that.

  10. Sue

    JJ Abrams ruins every series of films. He ruined Star Trek and he ruined Star Wars.
    Also, the article is flawed because stories 7, 8 and 9 were already written when story 4 (the first Star Wars movie) came out back in 1977. George Lucas should have kept going back then instead of waiting.
    Also Disney needs to stick to family oriented movies as intended by Walt. (They are ruining Marvel).

    1. Alex

      Lol yeah right. They were not written when the original film came out. Neither were the prequels. That’s a myth that needs to die.

    2. LordP.O.

      That is a misconception. Lucas NEVER had a sequel trilogy to the originals written and definitely not before the original. He had an idea in his head. But then he took it all back and said he never planned on a sequel trilogy. Lucas did not write the outline and treatments for a sequel trilogy until 2010-2011…..as confirmed by his son. It was a major secret. And at that point he was already planning to do it himself. But the time he’d have to sacrifice with his new wife wasn’t worth it. So he sold. And he sold those story treatments to Disney as well……and then they promptly threw them in the trash, like the soulless evil corporation they are.

  11. Mickeba

    Good news for Amazon. George will bully his way back into the China shop, ruin Star Wars creatively, drive out Kathleen Kennedy out of jealousy and she can take charge at MGM.

    1. Zack

      You mean George Lucas will make Star Wars good again, and not just some bland black and white cookie-cutter script where the “good guys” always win like the last few?

  12. KeH

    Lucas gave is Jar Jar Binx
    Nothing magic about him insures universal happiness.

  13. Kyle Sanchez

    I won’t happen. What’s done is done, and the Wicked Witch will continue to run Lucas Films

  14. Ben Hiatt

    Leah as the chosen one and “Darth Talon” as the villain? Maybe just let Filoni & Favreau run things…

    1. alva hardison

      Favreau and Filoni would do a fantastic job as the Mandolorian has shown.

  15. jmac67

    Might be too little, too late for many fans. Abrams and company damaged and entire universe many fans had put time and money into for years. They discarded an entire canon just because Abrams loves to turn a successful franchise on hits head.

    1. Chris Wood

      I like your thinking! Stories about the Sith are highly more entertaining. The 3 stories about count dukoo in the clone wars have proven that.

    2. Chris Wood

      Disney ruined star wars when they got rid of all the books and stories after the return of the Jedi. They could have made heir to the throne trilogy with thrawn, introduced Luke’s wife and son Ben, as well as leia and hans three children.

    3. alva hardison

      It was a committee that put the movies together. To put the blame totally upon Abrams is wrong. Kennedy, a number of Diseny people, and Abrams sat down and hatched the screw up together.

  16. Zack

    Finally, bring back Star wars to its roots and rid it of the forces virtue signaling that has destroyed it for a decade now!

    1. Chris Wood

      Disney ruined star wars when they got rid of all the books and stories after the return of the Jedi. They could have made heir to the throne trilogy with thrawn, introduced Luke’s wife and son Ben, as well as leia and hans three children.

  17. Johnny 5

    Kennedy can’t even manage her menopause symptoms yet she enlists 13 year old Twitter masterbaiters to control Lucas Film.

  18. Johnny 5

    Kennedy cannot even manage her Menopause yet she gave control of Lucas Films to a bunch of 13 year old Twitter masterbaiters

  19. Adam

    Well if hadnt made a garbage prequel trilogy I would say yes. I thought JJ Abrhams did a MUCH better job with the films. Lucas can put in his voice sure but dont let him direct. Those prequels showed he lost his touch

  20. KenR

    If Rian Johnson is directing, I’m not watching it.

  21. Tarc

    Lol, incels…

  22. John La Russa

    Lucas was afraid to keep writing the Star Wars saga because all the fans ripped his three prequel movies to absolute shreds! Don’t even try to deny it! People were ripping Lucas apart from Return of the Jedi on! Remember how hateful everyone was over Jar Jar?! The man tried to stop terrifying his target audience: CHILDREN, & you hateful, wackjob adults literally sent the man DEATH THREATS!! So yeah, he was terrified & totally blocked as to what he could write for the sequel trilogy – it’s easy to claim AFTER THE FACT that he actually had them in the process of being written when he never has to show anyone a bloody bit of PROOF! And it takes a whole new level of scum & pitifulness to sell the franchise for BILLIONS, to hand-pick Kathleen Kennedy to helm it at Disney, & then to join the ranks of the hateful, never satisfied masses of adults in doing nothing but bitching & moaning about what Disney is doing to “his children”! Disney didn’t do a bloody thing to Lucas’ children that Lucas didn’t SALE HIS CHILDREN OFF TO HAVE DONE TO THEM! He is most to blame for each & every complaint he has & he can just shutup! He took forever to write the prequels & we would still be waiting for the sequels if he had kept them because he had NOTHING & was too scared to try! At least Disney did SOMETHING to keep Star Wars alive in our lifetimes & all you adults can shove your fury & hate because kids DESERVED their OWN GENERATION OF STAR WARS TRILOGIES & SPINOFFS TO LOVE & EMULATE! ESPECIALLY ALL THE LITTLE GIRLS WHO HAVE AS MANY HEROES AS THE LITTLE BOYS DO! So GROW UP OR SHUT UP, ADULTS! Just stop trying to have your childhood back while RUINING THE CHILDHOODS OF THE CHILDREN THESE ARE TRULY FOR! YOU ALL SUCK & SO DOES SELLOUT LUCAS!!

  23. tom

    lucas arts and star wars drama… disqusting..what is with this now are u hideing something there was no priblems before as from the last year ?! wtf is with u all its just a movie and acting,is it more deeper as that ?!

  24. Dwhitw

    We good Why would Disney even give back control to somebody who made episode 1 2 and 3 which would trash. George Lucas lost it after the original three four five and six. Disney breathed new air into their lungs It could have ended better with Skywalker though I felt like he didn’t get The ending he deserved. But nobody cares about Lucas style no more that’s out dated.


    If you believe any of this, please text HOME to 741741 to get even more Lucas scoops.

  26. E

    Lucas getting back creative control??


    He’s a hack with two good movies: Star Wars and American Graffiti. He ruined Star Wars with his ‘kids movies’ the prequels. He wrote those for adults but his writing is so awful he had to tell people they were for kids. The dialog was childish and embarrassing and LUCAS IS A HACK

  27. As a Fan, I wanna see him take back the “merch” part of Star Wars and go back to the days of the “12” action figures release every 3 months, Tuesdays go back to New Release toys. Making action figures from Every Movie, TV show, Video games, and Comic’s that have just come out. But the most Important is Affordable Toys, the 3 3/4 inch action figure , StarShips, Playsets, that don’t start at $99, also KEEPING them RESTOCKED on Store Shelves. this too has been a Disaster starting with the toys for Rogue1 and it hasn’t been fixed. Star Wars should have “owned” Christmas of 2019 when the Mandalorian aired, and talk about “dropping the Ball” they still haven’t made up for that mistake. I believe George needs to be involved, but I don’t (as a Fan) want to see the Franchise take steps back, and fans only get “new TV, Movies ” every 10 years. I hope someone at Disney/Hasbro will realize how much Money they are NOT making by continuing to Over Price the toys that fans have come to expect and collectors want.

  28. datsright

    too late, STAR WARS is dead
    The mouse house killed it.

  29. Millie

    Do you people know what an executive producer is? Executive producers have 90% of the power directors have, but usually there’s at least 3 or 4 EPs, so that’s why they don’t have the title of director. Kathleen Kennedy was EP on an impressively-large number of great films (I highly suggest going to her Wikipedia page; it will surprise you). She worked with Lucas a lot. She wasn’t a newbie. He knew how she told stories. There’s no way he was surprised by what she’s done, because he knows how she operates. The only legitimate criticism you can level at her is that she was EP on The Last Airbender movie adaptation. Not everyone is perfect 🙂

  30. Vincent M Marciano

    dont let the force awakens fans make real star wars fans doubt….i did research and it is all but confirmed george lucas is coming back…the last three movies were awful…and everyone knows it…kathleen kennedy is leaving for jj abrams and george lucas is resetting star wars…thank god..

  31. ItsaMeMikeyB!

    Uh… I read it. Jus sayin.

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