Comments for ‘Frozen’ Show Begins Filling All Rows, Reducing Social Distancing

frozen sing along

Left Image Credit: Disney / Right Image Credit: ITM


  1. Mary Bennett

    I’m 67 years old, a great grandma. I’m going to take care of my two great grands on May 23 rd til school is out, mommy’s a teacher and Daddy has a new job and won’t have days off during the week anymore. They have season passes and will be going to Disneyworld Memorial Day weekend. I am coming from my home in Panama City to take care of them in Palatka, about 98 miles from Disney. I am only able to get tickets and a reservation for Sunday and only to Epcot. Sure do wish they would give some more reservations since it seems more folks an go. Just wishing I could see that Magic Kingdom in the eyes of these great grands like I did their parents and my own children before them starting in 1975. Just wishing❤️

  2. ainsley


  3. ainsley

    I like it I love Frozen so what is more to it hahaha hahaha

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