Comments for Disney Fans Defend New Snow White Ride Scene

disney fans react to true loves kiss

Credit: Disney


  1. P.Roberts

    It is amazing to me that people would prefer she be left for dead. Has no one taken a first aide CPR class? Even if they didn’t already know each other there is implied consent for a person to attempt to save a life rather than leave them to die. What is wrong with people?! It’s a sad culture we have when we need to argue victimization over a FAIRYTALE.

  2. It’s sad that our society is so worried about voicing their opinions that they fail to realize they are destroying many people’s dreams. It’s a FAIRYTALE not reality. No one EVER thought the Prince was molesting Snow White and he wasn’t. He was her rescuer and her true love. Get a life and stop trying to change a story. Change the future.

  3. Jenni

    It was just sad liberal democrats in San Fran complaining once again. Give it a break already.
    Twitter crybabies.

    The new ride Snow White ride is awesome.

    1. Matt

      Lol says the grown mature adult complaining on a forum about a kids ride… you are no better baby

  4. Matt

    I’m fine with the ride as it is, but maybe people are complaining about it because of the amount of gross guys that have sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, them in the past. So if straight guys were not creepin then this would not be an issue to begin with…

    People speak out from the trauma they have experienced, so because you have not experienced the same trauma as they have, doesn’t make them crazy for saying hey- in today’s society a non consensual kiss is not appropriate.

  5. ok so people chill nothing is wrong with it. it is just a fairytale and do not look at it the wrong way cause that is just NO. but look at it as just a fairytale that has NOTHING wrong with it

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