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mr toad's wild ride sign

Credit: Disney


  1. Samantha

    That ride should not be replaced and it a great ride and it brings back good memories and I like riding that ride and it has a great story to it as well and it would be sad if it left Disneyland so don’t replace it leave it

  2. Matt

    Have you even watched the movie it was based on? It represents consequences for your actions. Toad was acting recklessly and driving recklessly and damaged a lot of property and the ‘hell’ scene represents his conscience for what he did.

    1. John

      Don’t mess with Mr. Toad! It’s my favorite attraction. It’s uniqueness sets it apart from the rest of the dark rides. If it goes, There’s no reason for me to visit. Plus…it’s exclusive to Disneyland. Leave stuff alone. I get very upset when you mess with the rides Walt had his personal involvement in.

  3. Angela

    I’ve been saying for years Disney should make a Sleepy Hollow ride. If they change the ride, how cool would it be for riders to be chased by the Headless Horseman!

    1. GamerNerdess

      Must have been nice to have rich parents who could afford to go to any of the parks even once. I’m 34 years old and I’m still too damn poor to go there. Can’t stand entitled people. That being said, they should make a small museum area with a shop giving the history about the ride and showcasing some of the items. Then build something new and exciting in its place

      1. Mark

        Yes everyone who goes to Disney is rich and entitled. In reality there are people unlike yourself who work hard and save to afford things for their family like vacations. I hate whiners

    2. Paco

      Mr Toad’s Wild Ride was anything except “Wild”. A real snooze-fest…

  4. Stephen

    Let’s keep it.

  5. DisneyFan

    Leave it alone and stop messing with the classics!

  6. Corey

    Sorry, but this is the worst ride in all of Disney! We never ride this one. Some things just need to be retired.

  7. David Voros

    I never was on the Toad ride when it was at DisneyWorld. From the description of the ride, it sounds like toads (tons) of fun. I wish it was still there. If some kids don’t know about Mr. Toad, then their parents should read the classic books and Disney should make it available for viewing on its channel. These kind of rides should at least be made viable in Disneyland which is where this all started from Walt’s dreams. I wish many other classic rides were still available.

  8. Karol Messick

    Keep this ride. Its crazy how all of these people want to change this ride. This movies is a very good movie that all kids should watch. To guide the lesson learnt in this movie.

  9. Nancy Barone

    They need to keep it, My kids were never able to ride it before it was removed from WDW and I would like to one day be able to take my family to WDL and see original Disney rides

  10. Disney is running out of ideas for future re themes for Disney attractions.

  11. Patrick

    Quite possibly the best ride in Fantasyland. The person saying it’s “not popular”… Are they blind? It consistently has the second longest line in Fantasyland next to Peter Pan. There’s never NOT people looking to ride it.

  12. Cas

    It needs to stay, and hell & such needs to stay intact with any updates (similar to Alice). It’s always popular, considering it loads so fast (even tho it’s not a huge people eater by any stretch) and there is always a relatively long line. Not everything needs to be an E ticket.

  13. Sue

    Loved this ride at DW and wish it would be broght back. Keep some of the old and if kids don’t know about Mr. Toad then it’s about time they are introduced to him. Please save some of the original..

  14. Disney Fan

    Leave it alone. It was a sad day when it left DW, we need some of original rides to remember the past fun.

  15. My kids thought the ride through hell in the last scene was disturbing and not what you generally see in a disney dark ride.

    1. Ace

      So? Most fairy tales are disturbing, aren’t they? Hansel and Gretel were about to be eaten by a witch. Little Red Riding Hood was about to be devoured by a wolf pretending to be Granny. Sleeping Beauty was put to sleep for years by pricking her finger. The Evil Queen was trying to poison Snow White with an apple.

      I think we coddle children too much. Just have a chat with them before or after the ride and explain what they saw (or will see) so they understand it. Tell them it was or is nothing to be frightened about. We can’t wrap our kids in bubble wrap and give them safe spaces everywhere they go; it’s impossible.

      I don’t understand modern parenting. It’s as if our children can’t experience pain, sadness, disappointment, fear or other human emotions that, when cobbled together in their constituent parts, make us who we are.

  16. happy

    is there some “politically incorrect” in there that “someone” is going to make a huge fuss about too?
    if something bothered me that bad, I would patronize instead of trying to make everyone bendvyo my will.

  17. Miroslava Rebenczuk

    Mr Toads ride is my favorite ride, hope it never goes away

  18. Phoebe L Ho

    Thanks for quoting me. Didn’t see that coming.

    If a revamp of the special effects is what it takes for the Wild Ride to keep running, so be it. Since most of the other Fantasyland dark rides have gotten this treatment Toad might end up looking older by comparison. This can’t happen.

  19. Hamza Beiruti

    I don’t think that a classic ride that was based on a Disney storybook should be closed down and replaced. This does not rule out Mr. Toad. It has been their since the beginning (1955) and appeals to baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z alike. Sure, Mr. Toad may not be technologically up-to-date as other newer attractions such as the most recently added Millennium Falcon but that doesn’t matter one bit, for one must ride while getting the feeling of entering a time warp and feeling the classic 50’s Disney vibe all while being fascinated by the technological advancements Disney has accomplished over the decades which is a definite thumbs up for Disney.

    Mr. Toad is one of the rides that give us the classical vibe of the true Disney spirit. The Disney spirit should be preserved and not forgotten. Closing Mr.Toad would be like closing It’s a Small World; it would be killing the spirit of what Disney once stood for and if the legendary father of Disneyland, Walt himself, was here today I’m sure he would say the same.
    If Disney want to expand on the spirit by adding another attraction let them invest in more land, and yes, they can afford it. It’s Disney, everyone!!!

    Preserve the spirit, not replace it!!! Along with Mr. Toad and It’s a Small World, the same goes for Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White, and even King Arthur’s Carousel, among many more, Big Thunder Mountain, Matterhorn Bobsleds, the list can go on and on.

  20. Israel

    Soon there wil be nothing of original Disneyland left from 1955. Even upgrades take away from what Walt built. Leave the originals that are left, Alone!! There have been plenty of new attractions opened.

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