Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans REALLY Believe They Can #MakeSolo2Happen

han solo and chewbacca in solo a star wars story

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. alvin furiya

    Star Wars fans are so fickle. When Solo was released fans hated it…now they love it. I thought it was good and hope Solo2 happens.

  2. Stephanie

    First off the movie was awful. Ehrenreich was a horrible choice in casting. I’d say the guy was probably solely responsible for at least 100 million lost out of 250 million lost from this movie. Secondly why would Bob Chapek who is known to be a penny pincher and cost cutter want to go near this dumpster fire? What do these people who don’t have any idea how money is made or have any idea where it comes from in their lives think they are doing? The merchandise doesn’t sell, the movie lost $250 million. No one wants a short ugly weird looking cos player as Han Solo. Just stop talking about it. Of course it’s a millennial female who wrote this article which doesn’t shock me at all. She probably thinks Harrison Ford is scary because he actually looks like a man and Alden Ehrenreich looks like a freaking hobbit which she probably is attracted to. Again the guy was terrible. The script was garbage. It was a crappy movie from beginning to end from let’s do a solo movie to filming at. Let it go can’t you see it wants to die! In the end if you people showed up in my office and I was the CEO of Disney and you begged for solo to you be gone so fast your head spin and all you hear is me laughing hysterically behind you. This movie did the character a horrible disservice just like the sequel trilogy. I know you guys wanna do is capitalize on garbage. Oh my YouTube channel is going to be lit today. Disgusting and disgraceful. Hans Solo deserves better

  3. EricJ

    They should get together with the fans still pushing for John Carter and Alita: Battle Angel sequels.

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