Comments for Kevin Feige: ‘WandaVision’ Cut Doctor Strange to Avoid “White Guy” Cliché


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  1. Michelle

    My top ten things I like better than non-stop discussions about race:
    1. Making homemade vanilla ice cream.
    2. Discussions about how to help US children (kind or mean, any color) going hungry because of lost wages and Covid.
    3. Making homemade chocolate ice cream.
    4. Laughing at the black lady in the department store parking lot who looks like she lives with a chip on her shoulder. I’ve never seen her before in my life but she gives me a dirty look and purposes walks slowly in front of my car as I’m waiting for her to cross in front of me.
    5. Laughing with the sweet black lady in the grocery store line who said something funny.
    6. Remembering the kind white people who introduced me to my black lab at the puppy pound.
    7. Remembering the nasty white kid who started using drugs with my brother and wanting to stop drugs from coming over the border.
    8. Weeding the lawn.
    9. Cleaning the toilet.
    10. Remembering a time when a person’s character was discussed.

    1. Matt

      Things I hate:

      Reading rants from racist pieces of garbage

      1. Michelle

        Oh no. Whatever will I do? You called me names. My sky is falling. Ha ha.

      2. James

        What did Michelle say that’s racist. Oh the horror she mentioned that someone was black……..ahhhh the horror. Matt is probably some soy boy who thinks he’s a savior because he speaks out for the black community, which is actually far more racist because he thinks those in the black community are too weak to speak for themselves.

      3. Dan

        Things I hate:

        Low IQ cowards who couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag calling people racist when they know full well they’re too much of a coward to EVER say it to anyone’s face.

  2. EricJ

    Dr. Strange isn’t the white American reporter from a late-80’s free-South-Africa movie, he’s the freakin’ SORCERER SUPREME.

    “White saviors” don’t help the TV B-characters, actual MOVIE characters help the TV B-characters.
    Every time Kevin opens his mouth, I reaffirm my judgment that the MCU ended with Endgame. 🙁

  3. May

    It was an unfortunate comment by Feige: both racist and sexist. And an unfortunate event for WandaVision. The MCU thought it was obviously a great idea to have Doctor Strange as part of the show or they wouldn’t have gone to all the trouble of negotiating a deal with Benedict Cumberbatch to appear as well as writing DS into the commercials and the final episode. Wonder what REALLY happened.

    1. Confused

      OMG, stop playing the white victim card… The white guy saving the day is a typical plot device used in most superhero movies of the past. So they are making obvious choices not to follow those old story solutions.

      1. Michelle

        So a white spiderman better not save the day again according to that logic. You get an A in critical race theory class, and an F in common sense class.

  4. May

    It was an unfortunate comment from Feige: both racist and sexist. And unfortunate for WandaVision. Feige obviously thought it was a great idea to have Doctor Strange appear when they took the trouble to negotiate a deal with Benedict Cumberbatch and write Doctor Strange not only into the final episode but into the commercials as well. Wonder what REALLY happened.

    1. B

      It was absolutely the right call and a big middle finger to the sad white men who somehow find this “racist” against them, as if white people didn’t invent the very concept of racism. GTFOH

      1. may

        Bless your heart. Can’t take the truth? Look up the definition of racism, maybe that will help you.

      2. Nobody

        White people invented racism now? You win the most racist comment on the Internet today.

      3. James

        WoW B is probably one of the most racist individuals based on that statement

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