Disneyland Ran Out of a Fan Favorite Park Snack!

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On May 31, some shocking Disneyland Resort news set social media on fire. Disneyland ran out of one of its most popular snacks to ever hit the theme park. Churros could be found nowhere inside either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure Park.

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Churro carts can be found daily throughout both theme parks — from traditional cinnamon sugar ones to specialty churros like S’mores and Fluffernutter (this writer’s personal favorite!). Guests will line up before the carts open just to get their hands on the hot, chewy, sweet treat. Unfortunately, it seems as though the theme park reached a shortage and had to suspend churro sales throughout the parks.

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Fans took to social media to share their shock and disappointment that the House of Mouse ran out of one of the snacks that is on their “must-do” list each time they visit.

Hannah Krikorian (@Hannahkriks) summed up the feelings of many park Guests.

there is currently a churro shortage at disneyland – the world is ending

Other users tweeted their shock that such a thing was even possible, especially when the theme parks are not operating at full capacity and not as many Guests are buying churros as when the theme parks are full.

Becks (@MrsMarsh23) tweeted:

Disneyland ran out of churros today.. I didn’t even know that was possible 

Socorro P. (@Srpants16) was just as surprised at the shocking shortage.

You are at 35 percent capacity how the heck do you run out of churros @Disneyland

While it is surprising to see that the theme park can run out of something as popular as churros, in these pandemic times, things are not operating as they normally do. Since Disneyland and California Adventure are not operating at full capacity, it stands to reason that they are not ordering the same amount of churros that they would for 100% capacity.

Credit: Disney

It could also be that the factories from which they order the churros are still not running at full capacity either and are not shipping out as many boxes. Shipping during the pandemic has also been slowed, so there is also a possibility that Disneyland’s current churro shipment simply got delayed.

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Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, it is unknown how long it will be until Disneyland receives more of the sugary snack. Disneyland has not made any announcement regarding the churro snafu. Hopefully, this current Churro shortage is over as quickly as it began!

Do you love getting a churro every time you go to Disneyland? Let us know in the comments!

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