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  1. Dan

    I liked the 6 month dining booking and the Fastpass+ (limited to 3). Back when they had original fastpasses, many tour groups would send people running from one spot to another to pickup fastpasses. We took advantage of it, but it was certainly not relaxing.

    Now with the 60 days booking dining, it’s a pain.
    I dread, the virtual fastpass and based on friends/family it seems people rely on cell phones in busy parks.
    My idea of a vacation has nothing to do with looking at a cell phone regularly. I hope Disney realizes cell phone requirements may appeal to younger crowd, but there are a lot of 40+ year olds who are connected to work 24x7x365 who spend money and want vacations to be able to unwind.

  2. Terry Russell

    Our family ( now 14 of us ) have visited Disneyworld Orlando many times since 2000 and have loved every minute; however, we cancelled our 2019 holiday, pushed back both 2020 and 2021 holidays and it looks like 2022 is also on hold. We understand the pandemic has caused many issues and restrictions but, the removal of fast passes, magic bands unless paid for, free dining plans with free mugs, free transportation from airport to resort hotels, introduction of daily parking fees at resort hotels means a massive increase in the cost of our holiday. This means there is little value for our money. Now we have to book in advance for Park visits and can only visit another park on the same day provided that capacity hasn’t been reached. Disney has removed removed so many benefits, increased costs, and made visits difficult. The basic concepts of successful selling: value for money, ease of purchase and visit, buyers confidence in getting exactly what they want when they want it no longer exist. Sad as we feel, we hope Disney will take these comments on board.

  3. Keith Thomas

    We will be there this July. I am not sure what to expect. I want to be able to ride the rides and enjoy time in the parks, but in past visits, it has always been stressful. In my honest opinion, Disney has never made it easy to go to the parks. Even during the pandemic when we went last year, it was stressful. I prefer Universal as at least if I pay extra, I can experience everything I want to. With Disney, there is no guarantee for the high cost of going. I hope they get it figured out and make it worthwhile to go. If not, this may be the last time as our youngest is 7 and the magic might disappear for quite some time to come.

  4. ChadMC

    As someone who lives in Florida and has had an annual pass for decades, I’ve always enjoyed the ability just get in the car and go spend the weekend up there. But it’s gotten harder and harder over the years to enjoy anything specifically because of fast pass. Mostly I was going just to enjoy the overall ambiance and some select non popular attractions. But with this whole planning one park at a time, dining, etc, I agree that it’s no longer a stress free situation to go there. I’d love to just wander about and explore and enjoy. But like the original poster stated, that seems to be a rare thing to do now. Heck years ago I’d go to Epcot just for a meal during the week, or even to have a cup of coffee and take in the experience. But even that’s not allowed these days. Can’t just get up and go whenever.

  5. David M.

    I rather enjoy the planning phase. Our last major trip to The World (circa 2016 now) was better planned than the Allied invasion of Normandy. My last trip (just before the pandemic) was far more spontaneous – and I was less than thrilled when a lot of my limited planning collapsed. Disney is what you make of it.

  6. Fred14

    Was just there first time since I was a kid. Not knowing what to see and do, missed any chance of discovering. Meals were all grab and go. You pre order and they start to make it long after you get there. 45 minutes just for lunch? Bought the park hopper passes, only to find out parks were full. Still had a great time but didn’t feel that relaxing.

  7. RealDeal

    Disney sucks now. Sold my DVC membership after 20+ years. Their actions during the pandemic were the last straw…cut down on the times, attractions, spontaneous things you can do AND CHARGE THE SAME PRICE! Screw that…I never thought I’d ever say it but screw you Disney, I’m done….

  8. Sandy

    Disney has made their customer the product. They have gotem too big for their britches. It isnow a job…a chore to go to Disney and one you pay handsomely for. It is insane to see everyone competing on their phones and walking around with their nises burried in them not looking at the awrsome place wakt built. Its a human drone factory and the ultimate form of manipylation and control. It’s a grand con. They take your money and give you less. Now they let their cast members appear like carnival freaksbwhile touting inclusion but charge prices soecifically to keep out the carnival freaks. It’s all window dressing folks. Die hards need to wake up from the fantasy. This is no longer a form of escapism. You are suckers!

  9. John

    We are going to WDW in December – our 142nd family trip over the last 48 years. We have been to every Disney park in the world, and have always been big fans. We’ve delayed and rescheduled this trip 3 times due to Covid, and now, with the enormous hassles of planning (absolutely no help for large group planning), no dining availability, hotel prices have more than doubled, no more FastPass+, and replacing it with something clearly worse that you pay for, we are talking about cancelling altogether. And, the holiday decorations have dwindled down to almost nothing. The whole process of going to DisneyWorld has degraded so badly over the last decade that it is just no longer something I look forward to. Too many rooms have come online, with no capacity for the people. Like our experience at Aulani – it was awful. Couldn’t get seats in the restaurant, couldn’t get space at the pool, just a nightmare. When you go to the parks now, two good rides is optimistic, and even that is frequently 3-4 hours in lines. Disney is talking about 2-3 more large hotels at WDW, with no more park capacity. This will only get worse. Makes me sad.

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