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  1. Michael

    If Disney does decide to increase the allowable people visiting each park, I hope it is slowly and in 5% increments.
    We are in the hot and humid summer months with hour wait times on the popular rides and limited seating in restaurants. Not everyone properly wears their masks nor does everyone stay properly distanced from others while in lie and walking throughout the parks. I’m sure Disney is staying on their course regardless of what any mayor or governor says.

    1. Bigspender

      Why slowly? When they shut down, they shut down 100%. There was nothing slow about closing the parks. Open up all the way! Guests are definitely ready for it right now!

      1. Dawn

        It needs to be monitored especially with cases still high and people afraid of the vaccine. Do we want them to open up, have clusters of cases spread and then have to close? No. We are still in a pandemic and need to be cautious.

        1. Bebrave

          Nah, we’re good. Acting on fear is not a smart business practice. Disney is among many businesses hurting for revenue. We flattened the curve. Time to open up at full capacity!

        2. Patrick

          Let the people that don’t wanna get vaccinated or wear a mask either stay home or risk getting sick. Their choice.

        3. KenR

          At this point, if you’re not getting vaccinated, you made a decision to take a risk. Own it! People who are vaccinated should not be dumbed down for them.

          1. Natalie

            Except for those who can’t get vaccinated, right? Like kids 12 and under? Vaccinated parents still have to be smart for their kids.

      2. Pete

        Disney needs to be pushing the envelope not reacting to every bit of social media they get. Leaders lead by taking chances. If people don’t feel comfortable, then those people won’t go.

      3. T-Rex

        Let’s get past this and move on. Open up, it’s ok and if your scared, I strongly suggest those type, stay at home!!!

  2. Elizabeth

    I think it should be a slow crawl too. There will always be some people booking trips because they want the precautions in place. Advanced notice for any major changes should be considered to offer a allow refunds for people who counted on the safety measures. Lines would be absolutely awful without a fastpass system. They’ve stripped too much away to rebuild overnight. I’d never go to Disney without a realistic chance of getting on each ride at least once. I also think feeling safe is important as we wait to see how the vaccine performs. We should get back to normal soon but Disney has a lot to bring back before they can even approach normal.

    1. Yes

      Slow crawlers can wait then. The rest of us are ready for all of it to open 100%!

      1. Patrick

        Without FastPass? Lol. You can keep that. If you are gonna say why they should increase , at least have an argument to support it.

        1. Yes

          Why the heck would they open fully without fastpass? Hello, use your brain. Open fully means offer everything like normal. Duh!

      2. Myriam Volpe

        How about the opposite? Those afraid and fearful stay home with your masks and vaccine and let the rest of us breath freely and with no fear enjoy Disney 100% to full capacity. If you are fearful to breath and live then stay home.

        1. No One is fearful to breathe and LIVE, moron…we’re fearful of breathing the sick breath of those that haven’t been vaccinated. Fearful to live? No, Mr. Not-so-smart, fearful of dying because the little children who have no brains or patience want everything opened up NOW!

    2. The

      We’ve been twice since they reopened (14 days total). On each trip, we were able to ride more than we did pre-covid (everything that we wanted plus the favorites 4 or 5 times) and with substantially lower waits on the most popular rides. It was way easier to get the dining reservations that we wanted, too.

    3. Donna

      I was told by Disney fans “if you dont want a mask stay home. Do it for everyone else “…. well now my turn…. if you dont want a vaccine, or let people remove masks because you are scared, stay home. Do it for everyone else.

      We want to go and not be assaulted by CMs who have become mask police if we are trying to take a quick sip out of a straw , off in a corner, because it’s incredibly hot.

      It’s honestly not horrible with people, but there is so much missing to do that it feels horrible. Standing outside waiting 45 minutes for a mobile order that had to be ordered in morning in order to get it by 1 is a little ridiculous.
      At some point they need to treat adults like adults. And if you want to wear a mask do it. If you are scared dont go. If you are ready, let your voice be heard. I will gladly show my vax card to leave a mask home! Im ready to live again.

      1. Patrick

        Lol. My mobile order took only twenty minutes tops. Maybe you forgot to hit the order button?

        Sounds like you are not ready to play by the businesses rules yet. You should probably wait till zero restrictions.

  3. Openupfully

    Of course guests will feel comfortable! Open all restaurants, offer all shows,
    and bring back fast passes. Lots of people are ready to spend big bucks for the full Disney experience!

  4. Aaron

    Would I feel comfortable from a COVID perspective? Sure, I’m fully vaccinated. Would I feel comfortable with long lines and no FastPass and not enough dining options open based on the added capacity? That’s where my concern would be…

    Headed there next Sunday… hoping for a good time!

    1. CB

      Bigspender and bebrave, you have obviously not had anyone close to you suffer or die from the virus! And YES, people are still in hospitals and are still dying from this! I have 2 family member currently sick and 1 of them is on a ventilator over an hour from their house away from their family! Be smart, be safe, and if you don’t like following rules and attendance restrictions and reservations, then stay home!

      1. Tamara

        Big crowds, little crowds, masks, no masks, I’m not going untill new resident annual passes are sold again.

      2. Bebrave

        Everyone has suffered from this virus and many many other diseases. That’s life. If life scares you, then you should spend your vacation in the hospital while the rest of us go to Disney! Disney doesn’t close down every time someone dies. Geez, talk about living in fear ?

    2. Jenn

      Stated very well. More capacity needs to mean more offerings. Of course food counters are swamped-limited options!

  5. Carla

    I’m going in November and spending crazy high money on our hotel rooms. I expect the precautions will still be in place and I’m willing to pay more because of it.

  6. Ncmom

    The only reason I want to go is reduced capacity. Disney has been overcrowded for way to long. I would expect ample time to cancel my trip and full refund if capacity changes!

    1. Nomore

      Um, you might want to reconsider your expectations. Crowds are as bad as ever. Don’t let the claim of “reduced capacity” fool you. No FP, closed restaurants, no shows mean long lines and crowded spaces. Sorry for the bad news, but it’s true.

      1. The

        “as bad as ever” ?. Capacity is probably at normal day-to-day levels that were typical pre-covid, not worse. The lines aren’t nearly as bad as most people claim. I’ll gladly wait 40 minutes for Flight of Passage instead of 3 hours if I wasn’t lucky enough to get a FP. We’ve been twice in the last four months; never waited longer than 45 minutes for anything.

        1. Nomore

          Not according to Valerie’s comment below. All I’m saying is not to expect too much, or you’re going to be disappointed.

  7. Robert M Wagner

    I hope they make sure before they add more people there are enough spots for everyone to ride rise of the resistance. Nothing more heartbreaking than paying thousands and getting turned away on your only chance to ride it.

  8. Valerie

    Just came back from the parks. I find it truly hard to believe that was only 35% capacity. I would definitely not go back if there is 65% more people. It was mobbed everywhere. Not because of Covid, I just would hate being in bigger crowds. I went now hoping it would not be as bad.

    There was not true social distancing in lines. Some in restaurants. Other than people wearing masks, and the constant announcements about wearing masks, nothing was really different. But my husband and I are vaccinated, and my nephew had Covid, so that was not a worry.

    1. CB

      Um, you do know you can get Covid more than once, right? And you can still get it even if vaccinated, so everyone still needs to be safe! Disney is doing it right. I have heard conflicting stories about crowds and mask enforcement, and hope they’re lower and in place when we go in a month and a half.

  9. Dawn

    Local AP and I’ve been multiple times since the Parks reopened. Until we’ve reached herd immunity, I’m comfortable with the capacity capped at 35%, masks and social distancing. We are all vaccinated in my family but as most should know by now, you can still contract the virus your symptoms are just likely to be less severe.

    I would like to see the shows and fireworks come back.

  10. Larry

    If the crowd levels were allowed to increase to 60% it would be like an average summer day, pre-Covid. It’s a lot of people. Very few times do parks go above 90% and that’s when they close the turnstiles. Be careful asking for increased capacity because that’s when the misery index jumps up due to over crowding. I hope the park reservation system remains so crowd levels can remain in check.

  11. James

    More venues would have to be open. Reduced dining options, ride closures, or the lack of being able to funnel people away from rides with parades pr meet and greets would just cram more people into the things that are open.

  12. We’re at the stage where many are choosing not to be vaccinated. Florida’s Health spokesperson says we’re safe now even indoors. Why not require guests to be vaccinated like they will on cruise ships and go back to how things were before Covid.

    1. Openupfully

      Um, that’s called tyranny.

      1. Annabelle

        Tyranny is forcing people to wear masks to protect you if you need to be protected stay in your basement and certainly stay away from Disney

    2. Odell

      You can’t require vaccines now because you would exclude Disney’s biggest fans: the children, who can’t get vaccines for the foreseeable future.

  13. rdmg66

    If you honestly don’t feel comfortable with an increase in park capacity, it’s probably not a good idea for you to go.
    Disney is in the business to make money. If they can’t increase capacity, they won’t be able to cover their expenses and more shows/experiences won’t reopen as well.
    If you don’t feel safe. Stay at home.

    1. bebrave

      Yes!!! Let those who are not afraid enjoy fully-opened parks. We’ve got lots of money to spend.

  14. DonaldDuckFan

    For background, we haven’t been back since COVID. 2020 was first year of not visiting the parks since the mid-90s. Disney parks visits in our family going back to the 60s. We are visiting in July on a 4 generation family trip. All adults will be fully vaccinated this month.

    From what we have read the lack of dining is a major problem. Everyone in the family is hoping for more restaurants to open. If dining stays at 35% with several Disney hotels opening, it sounds like things will be very difficult. Reports of mobile ordering for quick service selling out by lunch, difficult getting table service meals, etc.

    We would be fine with 50% and open up more before Memorial Day. See where things are and maybe open more for July 4th. If it’s 60% or more capacity, need FP and an advance booking opportunity for those spending the money on Disney hotels or you are telling generations to spend family trips elsewhere for decades.

  15. Oopen it all up

    We are local AP and go at least weekly. Open it all up. No masks, no distancing. If your afraid stay home. Nope we are not vaccinated and wont be. Thank goodness for our wonderful govenor who will not allow vaccine passports so sorry for you. Our masks are so thin they are a joke and we take them down all the time to breath. We go to sea world and dont even wear them because we dont have to worry about mask police. However the lines ar ling and too many shows and restaurants are shut down. They all need to open at full capacity and bring back fast passes if they do increase capacity more.

    1. Bebrave

      Agree 1000%!!!

  16. The 35% they are using is based upon full capacity, that # is 100k people. That’s why it’s so full now. The average for day us around 57%. So just another 23k people. It seems more crowded because of the distance and extra emoyee’s walking around with signs. So a 23% increase is a typical day. Too many people for my liking.

  17. JJ Grimes

    Yes and take off mask outdoors for Gods sake! It’s gone on long enough. There is no mandate and Florida and surrounding states also have lifted all restrictions. It’s time and people are ready, those who aren’t by all means wear your mask and keep your distance. It can work both ways. It should be our choice.

    1. Bebrave

      Amen to that!!!

  18. DW

    I was there in February and I know Disney is saying capacity was 25% but I 100% disagree. We were at Epcot on Saturday night and it was absolutely packed. Wait times were very long and every restaurants was booked. Even the festival booths had extensive lines.

    I think slow and steady wins the race. But I also understand they are a business and need to recoup after being closed. I just hope they truly monitor what’s happening and have adequate staff.

  19. Bebrave

    People, there are no guarantees in life. Covid is here to stay. Disease, death, suffering…it’s all a part of life. You will never be 100% immune to disease or death. We’ve accomplished what we set out to do in March 2020: we flattened the curve. We have multiple vaccines. We have nothing to fear anymore. So if you’re still afraid, then turn off the news. The media wants you to be afraid. Stop checking the daily cases or deaths (the numbers are bogus anyway). What a sad way to live: in constant fear. If you’re still afraid, don’t vacation at a theme park. Disney must open up fully now! Open up already!

  20. Mike Plumton

    I adore the lower crowds. It feels safe, I notice the details so much more, and I just enjoy it. I’m not smashed between strangers, I’m not wading through crowds. It’s better than ever in every single way right now. If they up the crowds, they need to keep in the 6 feet social distancing and masks.

  21. GF Smith

    If they don’t feel comfortable no one is forcing them to go. As a matter of fact, they should stay locked up in their house until every virus in the world is eradicated.

  22. D

    No! We are fully vaccinated, but everyone knows there are variations/mutations of the virus. Keep us masked and separated, Disney, with low capacity! The LAST thing I’d think you’d want is for Disney Covid to be a thing!

  23. Lynn

    I’ve been vaccinated but my daughter has auto immune disease which requires her to take immunosuppressant medications. The vaccine is not effective so she is always at risk. I hope the park considers visitors with conditions like my daughter, cancer patients and those at high risk and will keep visitor numbers reduced.

  24. Crissy

    No, I would not feel comfortable at all. Although adults can & are getting vaccinated, our children cannot & we need to protect that population as well until vaccines have been approved & administered for all ages. Until everyone, including children are vaccinated & we have reached herd immunity, it is not safe to open Disney at full capacity. We must think of the children!!!

    1. Kenr

      I think you should stay home until you feel safe.

  25. Michael

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the lower attendance and reservation systems regardless of COVID. Obviously the capacity needs to increase somewhat, but the system has done a lot to even out the parks and helps me predict which park I should go to on which day.

    If there’s a compromise (obviously holidays/special events need to be first come first serve), I’d not be too sad if something like this stayed around–even if it no longer imposes limits, simply having a gauge of how busy a park is going to be has been surprisingly helpful, and that’s just from guessing based on reservation availability.

  26. Patrick Heisinger

    I think it is time for the capacity to be increased. Not 100% yet, but perhaps 50 or 60. One thing I would really like to see is the limit of park pass days for passholders raised from the current 3 to something like 6 so we can make future plans with family and friends who are visiting Disneyworld.

  27. Truespeech

    As a local who goes several times a week, we like the reservation system and the lower capacity. Yes, for MK 35% is like a normal pre covid day , but still we enjoy it much more. At least in line people aren’t standing in my personal space. I’m sick of those who stand right up on you , even prior to covid. Back up everyone will get a chance to ride ….
    as far as masks those are for the CMs who stand near people in one spot all day long or the ones who have to buckle up the idiots who can’t understand “belts go from left to right , left to right”…..

  28. Christy

    I’d feel just fine with 100% capacity if there are fast passes. The masks and reservation system have to go. Wear a mask if it comforts you don’t require others to wear them and say you aren’t responsible if guests get covid….there are so many things that use no common sense here. The masks in the heat are horrific and need to go!

  29. Tartar Sauce

    I’d be fine with capacity increases. They need to open up more things though. We need fast passes back, the dining plan, shows and fireworks. If for no other reason, I’d love to see capacity increases just so the park reservation system goes away.

  30. Amy Timmins

    Its Disney’s responsibility to make sure the rides are safe, that the resorts are safe so nothing gets stolen from the rooms. The masks need to be optional, especially in 90 degree weather. It’s my personal responsibility to make sure Im healthy to go to an amusement park.

  31. Eric

    First, Disney has been increasing capacity beyond what they’re reporting. Ask any CM still working there. 😉

    Second, many of the comments here and the ones cited in the article scream irrational fear that these people are never going to get rid of, unfortunately. Even when the CDC changes the rules, people won’t believe them (and the CDC has been unscientific from the start.)

    Third, anyone paying attention to those on property can see there isn’t any social distancing to speak of right now and many are wearing the masks only because they have to, not because they want to. Chapek’s extreme position on this pandemic from the start and his totalitarian tendencies for the guests (without commensurate discounts for the guests) have been irrational and unscientific. And their liability boards have been ludicrous from the start.

    And let’s not mention that the WDW office that would keep track of Covid infections on property was furloughed over a year ago and haven’t returned should help to explain that their stellar record is entirely manufactured.

    The facts and the truth have been the same for the last 15 months. And anybody who thinks that Covid isn’t transferable while you’re eating but if you’re walking around is needs their head examined.

    It’s time for WDC to finally start providing value to their guests, open up everything, make the masks a choice not a requirement, and bring some magic back to WDW.

    1. Yes

      Perfectly stated, Eric!

  32. Gaynard Taylor

    I’m fine with higher capacity if they bring back fast-passes.

  33. Jolly Roger

    Amen Eric. Open things back up fully and get back to normal.

  34. Joe

    Hi… Bring back fastpass Disney… Clearly the wait times show it would be helpful for kids that can use a few rides without an hour wait!!!

  35. Jlo

    If you don’t feel comfortable, stay home & let the rest of us move on. It’s as simple as that. Stop trying to make everyone miserable because you’re miserable.

  36. Patrick

    Going in two weeks. A larks were full two weeks ago, then all green. Seems as though they have already increased capacity. Bring back FastPass and more dining options to keep people moving. When I was down in November, even at 35% lines were around an hour for everything. I feel safe as we are all fully vaccinated.

  37. Kenr

    Yes, people who willfully visit the worlds largest tourist destination will be just fine reopening to 100%. People who are still afraid of other human beings after knowing the facts and with 3 readily available vaccines, should probably not be traveling to the worlds largest tourist destination. In fact , they should be staying in their basement.

  38. Myriam

    Yes, 100%. There is no need to keep the country in lock down. Disney needs to open to full capacity and shops, and restaurants also needs to open. Covid19 and the flu are the same with some new symptoms. Fears and control of the world was used by spreading this VIRUS. We have survived many different virus and we will continue fighting those viruses. Hygienic measures are the most important ones. No mask needed, no fears but always using caution as we sneeze or cough covering our mouth, and sneezing inside our shirts not our hands. If people are afraid then stay home, or wear your masks. But Yes, open Disney up to its full capacity. Restore economy, bring people back to work.

    1. Michele Razee

      In my opinion Disney isn’t already at full capacity because they are concerned for their reputation not because they can’t open to full capacity. Maybe in their eyes numerous guidelines/restrictions and a cautious reopening shows them as considerate and caring about their customers and employees. I’m sure Disney wants to come out of all of this as being an advocate for safety and rule following. They have so many eyes on them they can’t just open fully as say a small town theme park possibly could. Too much bad press if they were to seem ignorant to the concerns. I’d bet all of these precautions extended far too long are to make Disney look good.

  39. Michele Razee

    From a business perspective 35% capacity isn’t financially sustainable forever. Disney will need to increase capacity and I’m sure would prefer to do it sooner rather than later but they don’t want to get a bad name over it so I assume they will increase park capacity slowly but consistently going forward. With a large number of people vaccinated they could probably go to 50% and see how they do with reservations. The reservation numbers are the key to seeing what people are comfortable with. If they max out reservation spots at 50% I wouldn’t be surprised if in three to six months later they went to 75% capacity. Pending on overall US cases stay low I’m sure. From a business prospective once again Disney won’t want to miss out on all the $ their 50th Anniversary can bring in. It wouldn’t be a good business decision to keep parks at 35% during Anniversary when the statistics of reservations shows more people want in and are comfortable going. I’m sure they are monitoring vaccination numbers and the overall populations opinions on travel.
    I have reservations to take my family November 2021 and hope park numbers are increased along with fewer restrictions specifically mask wearing outside.

  40. SadCustomer

    I will be cancelling my July trip. Not enough open (dining, characters, shows) to attract me to spend my money standing in 3 hour lines. Too many variants and unvaccinated KIDS to feel safe without masks.

  41. C

    They recently had a family on premises have to quarantine because they have covid. A slow increase would be smart. However my family and I are vaccinated are are still going. But, it would be awesome if they lowered the 100% capacity. It’s lost some of the magic by cramming people in the parks.

  42. Sam Tatum

    The reason everyone believes masks and social distancing actually do anything is because the CDC said so. Well now the CDC says vaccines are effective and restrictions can be removed. Not sure why so many sheeple still want the government controlling their lives when the government is saying go back to normal.

    But then reduced guests means shorter lines, so maybe everyone saying to keep the number reduced really just want to selfishly enjoy an empty park.

  43. Jake

    The fact is, not everyone is getting vaccinated and the reporting system has no way of guaranteeing that what they have reported is the truth since all the vaccinations are voluntary and no way to validate who was vaccinated. So if Disney increases capacity, it would increase the risk of more infections. yes

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