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Disney Store Orlando International

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  1. Even lowering the free shipping to $35 minimum order would be helpful. I feel Canadian customers shouldn’t endure hefty shipping fees. With no Disney stores to visit in Canada, maybe a minimal surcharge of $5. Also consider free shipping on returns.

  2. Edward

    I hate this decision. As a Canadian, visiting a Disney store might be the closest thing I have to visiting Disney World, you know? And that’s saying a lot, since it’s just a store… but the merch, the decorations, the ambience… it’s amazing. It’s always a guaranteed stop every time I visit the Toronto Eaton’s Center. This just… sucks.

    1. We are losing France stores.

  3. John

    Our family are avid Disney fans. We love the stores and always end up spending at least $50, but usually a lot more, when we go. They know what they are doing and their operating costs will decrease by closing their stores, but they also lose a lot of engagement opportunities. I know the amount we spend on Disney merch will drop significantly now.

  4. rjp

    Separate issue:

    Is there any way to find out how many, if any, groups of WDW guests were denied entry to the parks because of the Temperature Checks? I have to say that I have not seen one single post about anyone on any social media platform. Masks…Yes. Temperature checks…No. Thanks.

  5. Megan Boothby

    This is totally stupid on the company’s part for shutting down all disney stores all across Canada because that means they’ll be losing Canadian customers. If they really want people to shop in their stores again, they HAVE to lower the prices. Lower prices means more customers. The Disney Company has really become WAY TOO greedy and WAY TOO expensive. KEEP YOUR F***ING, GREEDY HANDS OFF OUR DISNEY STORES, YOU VICIOUS, HEARTLESS BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!

  6. Elana

    I buy a lot of Disney merch for kids of friends and family, but unfortunately (for Disney) I’m done shopping with them now. I really enjoy the experience of shopping for gifts, checking out new things and seeing the items in person. Online is not the same. I guess I’m done with Disney, but it’s fine – the kids all have loads of other brands of toys, gadgets, and clothing they love, so I’ll just switch my shopping to those brands in-store, from now on.

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