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  1. Pete

    Except…they’re not being erased? Who greenlit this article?

    Sounds like someone is trying to will a reality into existence.

    1. Iridium

      Usually, writers don’t write the headlines on their articles. The article itself seems fairly accurate: the actors in the sequel trilogy are done with the franchise and fans are very much split on their opinion of the sequel trilogy. Therefore, Disney has course corrected to focus on events prior, which allows them to ignore the sequels and not worry about the awkwardness of not having the lead actors of the sequels around.

      1. Matt

        Except Daisy Ridley was in negotiations to reprise her role.. at least according to another ITM article from two weeks ago. Even negotiations would prove the entirety of this article wrong.

      2. Meip

        The sad part is, the Mandalorian isn’t even particularly well written. It’s just…fine at best. And people love it. Heck, I love it. It’s not hard to make star wars content. And yet, the sequel trilogy happened. That awful excuse of a story has hundreds of people pour millions of dollars and years of their lives into worthless cesspit of nothingness. And for what?

      3. Phil

        I take it the rise of Skywalker will continue Luke Skywalker’s legacy. Episode 10-13 will focus on Rey Skywalker or Luke’s children.

  2. Iridium

    How is she wrong? The new shows are all taking place before the sequels. The books and comics are High Republic, way before any of the movies. Disney really does seem to be ignoring the sequels as far as tie-ins and follow-on projects are concerned. They are releasing drive merch, but overall appear to be more interested in milking nostalgia than building off what they created.

    1. Matt

      1. Ignoring is not the same as erasing.
      2. The Last Skywalker just came out a couple years ago. Let the stink go away before building more content off of it.
      3. Besides, according to another BTM article two weeks ago, there are negotiations to get Daisy Ridley back as They for a new project, rendering this article completely void.

  3. Jon

    Well for me the sequel trilogy made me discard about 40 years of being a fanboy. I have fonder memories of Life Day.

    1. Kaedence

      I doubt that’s the case. Pretty sure Lucas made it clear that the EU was a “separate world” from his own well before selling his company to Disney in 2012, and the EU still continued until 2014.

  4. Garronn

    Please ignore all of the people hating on this article, they obviously did not bother reading everything you said.

    You make a few good points on this topic, though I think the rout Disney is going it will be a multiverse approach so they can do what ever they want and then wash their hands of it if the idea fails.

    1. Kaedence

      Yeah two things:
      one, it’s Lucasfilm that truly creates and is responsible for Star Wars content, NOT Disney (they own the rights, but that doesn’t mean Disney is making all the decisions for Lucasfilm). Even at the theme parks and hotels it’s a joint operation (though those instances Disney is doing most of the work while Lucasfilm made sure to keep it as close to the current lore as possible).

      Secondly, I don’t think there would be a multiverse project that is being created without Lucasfilm announcing it at a major outlet (like Star Wars Celebration or an investors meeting). While I’m not opposed to that (hell I’m curious to see how alternate universes for Star Wars operate), unless we get something truly official from Lucasfilm, it would sadly remain wishful thinking for the fans.

      Lastly, with all the shows and films being interconnected with each other in the era between ROTJ and TFA (like the Mandalorian and Ahsoka), you can bet that there will be TIEs (?) to the sequels, and we will soon see the rise of the First Order come to fruition.

    2. Moishe Pippick

      I saw that headline with the word “erased” and since I’d seen other headlines about Mara Jade casting I wondered if Lucasfilm had actually made some announcement about the sequels no longer being canon. Such an announcement seems impossible, but hey the headline got me so I started reading. And after a while I saw nothing about the sequels being erased. So I did a word search on erase and it turns out that the word does not appear in the article at all. The word irrelevant was used instead, and only once, and in the very last sentence.

  5. JJ

    The Mandalorian is just as flawed as the sequel trilogy (I happen to like them both.) Mandalorian has the same amount of original trilogy references which is deeply annoying, and it’s tonally inconsistent- they can’t decide if they want to do a lone-cowboy-gunslinger vibe or tie into the “big picture” of star wars. Apparently fanboys like it just because of Filoni’s name even though the man was the same one who gave us that rubbish Rebels.

  6. E

    Misleading headline! Sequels are in place and still Canon. J

  7. None of ya business

    Good, they should.

  8. CM

    They’ve already said The Mandalorian is leading into the sequel trilogy. It’s setting up events that take place in those films. It’s doing all the filler work The Clone Wars cartoon did after the prequels came out. Either you didn’t bother researching or just have such a hate boner for the ST you don’t care.

  9. Elizabeth

    Except they’re not ignoring it at Disneyland/World. The major ridesbare all heavily final trilogy based. Rise of the Resistance? Star Tours includes sightings of Finn, Kylo Ren, etc. Stage “shows” include Kylo Ren, Rey…

  10. MICK

    Disney dosent care about anything but its bottom line …theyll do whatever as long as it keeps people opening their wallet some how…theyll happily write any thing at this point…itll be a long while till the teats on this franchise ever run dry!!! It seems diehard fans are relegated to smaller movies and streaming service spinoffs but big theatrical release movies are about as useful as a poopy flavored lolli pop!!!

    1. Kaedence

      Except that it’s Lucasfilm that does all the writing and creating for Star Wars, NOT Disney. Disney may own the rights, but like Marvel and Pixar, they allow Lucasfilm to do as they do with creative freedom and continuity. Hell even in the theme parks and hotels it’s a joint operation (while Disney creates attractions and merchandise, as they have the financial resources to get it done, Lucasfilm is making sure that there’s some sense of current lore that would be interconnected with Canon).

      So bottom line, this “Disney is creating Star Wars” is a misguided opinion at best and ignorant at worst. Disney has not only their own content that they have to work on (animation, live action series and films, theme parks, etc), not to mention loads of other companies out there aside from just Lucasfilm, they’re not gonna be creating anything from any IP WITHOUT consultation from the respective companies that own it as those companies KNOW their product and their content much more than Disney does.

  11. Tom

    Ezra Bridger and the world between worlds will hopefully flush away the Jake Skywalker trilogy as one improbable future.

    “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”

  12. Justin

    Totally agree with Michael. Star Wars articles are fake trash on this site.

  13. Chris Wood

    I don’t think star wars fans will loose any sleep, myself included if they disregard the sequal movies. Other they Rey and the special effects, I didn’t really care for the new movies. I’m very interested to see how they bring grand admiral thrawn into the mix, if that is their intentions. There is plenty of stories in the books they can bring to life.

  14. Erica E Brodie

    To be honest Lucasfilm messup when they put Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey together romantically instead of Finn and Rey. I would love it if they fix what was supposed to happen with Finn and Rey in the first place and still have Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo died and kept him away from Rey as well as Jannah and Rose away from Finn. Kylo Ren/Ben Solo and Rey never had any romantic feelings for each other they had zero chemistry together how in the world for them to have zero chemistry to all of sudden in the Rise of the Skywalker they had romantic feelings for each other and that kiss eel gross yuk. I mean aren’t they supposed to be related.

  15. Working Lunch

    Begun, the Great Retcon has.

    1. Donald Yablomowitx

      On Ep Seven Money, it is…

  16. –Phase–

    Good, screw the sequels. I hope they get erased, or written off as some alternate future to never be visited again on screen.

    They already don’t exist in my eyes.

  17. Case

    Well, the main saga is over so it’s expected that they would take their stories in other directions now. It’s not like characters from the other two trilogies got immediate spin-offs, so I don’t know why that’s expected of the sequel actors. That said, they actually are very clearly tying The Mandalorian into the sequel trilogy. They’re literally showing how the First Order came to be due to remnants of the Empire and showed they were trying to make Snoke clones with Grogu’s blood. That’s an awfully direct link.

  18. Bill

    Lucas fault his contract on stars wars should be old cannon not Daisy’s garage writers anti male and anti Luke anti George Lucas Lucas sold out money talks

    1. StarWarsFan77

      These statements, “Disney Doesn’t Care That the ‘Star Wars’ Sequels Are Being Erased” and “ The events of the sequel trilogy are being made irrelevant by simply not being acknowledged — and Disney seems to be absolutely fine with that.”
      aren’t true, despite as much as I’d like them to be.
      All the stuff being done is so far from the sequel trash that they could easily still lead to it. Take The Mandalorian, they introducing testing and cloning of Force sensitive beings. This could still lead to Snoke/Palpatines’s clone. Also they leave enough time to allow for more shitty writing that could lead to Jake Skywalker TLJ. God the sequel trilogy was so terrible.
      Now what would be cool would be if they were able to clone Luke and then it revealed that the Luke we met was truly Jake Skywalker and that there’s still a Prime Luke Skywalker out there. Maybe he got stuck in the World between Worlds and is finally freed. He finds and teaches Finn and Rey and the true Jedi return to bring peace to the galaxy.

  19. Nathan

    You bet they’re ignoring the new movies. They completely ignored the lore and world that was built prior and made their own thing. And no, it’s not being upset about Bens death but more of hmm for instance, making Leia fly. Or the really sore spot, bringing Palpatine back and trashing Anakins sacrifice and the careful lore building that went on for 6 movies and a variety of shows. I can go on.

  20. Anthony

    I think they are using mandalorian to get a Yoda(groggy) character to train Rey since Luke was supposedly the last Jedi. Now, there is another trained Jedi that lives much longer than humans. Not to mention Yoda was a beloved character in the originals. I think grogu will enter the movies.

  21. StarWarsFan77

    Ep5 > Ep4 > Ep6 > Ep3 > Ep1 > The Mandalorian > Clone Wars > Ep2 > Rebels > RO > Solo > 7 > Holiday Special > 9 > Resistance > … > 8

  22. jish55

    A lot of people in here are saying no, that’s not true, yet ignore that Disney is a company first and foremost and that it’s not the first time they essentially erased hundreds of books, comics, and many games the moment they acquired the rights to make SWs content. In truth, if Filoni and Favreau deem the sequels as no longer a viable pathway with what they’re creating, Disney will do whatever those two wish because, unlike Kennedy, those two have made Disney a lot more money. Because of Clone Wars season 7, Bad Batch, and The Mandalorian, they’ve essentially made Disney + a staple in streaming (with Marvel picking up the slack when SW content is being added), and have essentially created characters that sell merch where as Kennedy’s story group and content under her control hasn’t made the necessary amount, to where Solo has essentially put Kennedy on thin ice with the very top of Disney.

    So yes, right now, the sequels are still “canon” according to Lucasfilm, but the moment Favreau and Filoni decides otherwise, Disney will side with them over Kennedy easy and push to make whatever Favreau and Filoni want’s happen.

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