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  1. Nick

    Hahaha. Here right now.
    No one is socially distancing. Cast members aren’t even telling people to put their masks on in queues.

    1. Donna

      Evidently in outside Que line it is not “required” only indoors in que lines.
      Thats what we were just told.
      But then you have the mask police in other areas still being totally obnoxious. So it depends where you are, sadly.
      Looking forward to my time at universal! If you want to wear one, please do. If you are vaccinated, do what you feel is best for yourself.

  2. Darth Senses

    Once again, Cancel Culture wins, taking away our signs!

    For a year, those signs had become something we all expected to see whenever we went to the parks, and now suddenly the CDC steps in and tells us updated “advice” (thanks, government interference and “science”!) and like clockwork, the usual crowd starts “saying things” and next thing you know, Disney just starts following the latest social trend like it always does and takes away our signs.

    Way to go, Cancel Culture. What are you going to get rid of next?

    1. Ha


    2. Cheryl

      Yes! Happy to see the signs go and masks come off.

  3. Brit

    Good! They were foolish to begin with- get over it!

    1. Darth Notices

      Who are you aiming the phrase “Get over it” at? That just seems like a broad, yet deep anger being tossed around by a– oh, wait, I get it!

      “Ha! Way to own the libs! Good job!”

  4. Arrow

    Loving seeing every little step back to normalcy!

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