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han solo in rise of skywalker

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Not a poor Chinese hostage

    Disney Star Wars is very good. I like it all. Very much color. Very nice.

    Please return me to my family now. Beg you please.

  2. Larry

    Nothing in the article justifies the over-hyped title. The movie was not “completely changed”; a few insignificant fixes were made. Stop the bait & switch just to get “views”.

  3. mike

    If you are going to use tweets as the main focus of a story and those include pics then please get a screenshot or two and use that instead. When someone deletes their tweet we can’t see the included pictures anymore.

  4. Louise

    They can change it all they want, still a horrible movie lol

  5. Lancane

    Ehhh…and the film series that decimated a billion dollar fandom keeps going and going.

    Look, Disney you simply can not fix what you allowed to be ruined. Nothing short of reshooting more and fixing everything from Johnson’s Empire Strikes Back rip-off to that crap cluster finale which should have been two films based on pace alone.

    The Mandalorian is a better continuation of the saga then the Kennedy Trilogy.

    Nice try, I guess.

  6. Colleen Adams

    ? This article reads worse than a pyramid scheme.
    As much as i love Disney.. and SW for that matter.. i enjoy the classics. Disney may own SW but they have yet to find the heart of its movies and on the same coin, its audience.
    The beauty of SW is that you can if you so choose.. watch them completely separate and understand the story, not watch every one like you need supplies for Minecraft.
    What the viewers need for this movie is a public apology, not tweeks. This article goes to show everything wrong with the ownership.

  7. Hex

    I was really, really hoping that this was going to say they made Kylo survive at the end… *Sigh*

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