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  1. KenG

    While I don’t disagree that the authors should be paid their royalties, this article is very one-sided sand leaves out extremely imported facts.

    Namely who has the PUBLISHING RIGHTS to these books? Is it Random House, is it Disney Publishing? Who? Because it is the publisher that is responsible for paying royalties as far as I know.

    Let me put this another way:
    Last night I watched the very first Thor movie on Disney+. Back then, before Disney acquired Marvel it was Paramount that distributed the movie (aka: a Paramount / Marvel Studios film).
    So the question is (and I don’t know the answer) does Paramount still have the distribution rights to that film and therefore Disney pays them a royalty to have it shown on Disney+ (even though Disney owns the Marvel “property”)? And…. If that is the case, who pays royalties to Chris Hemsworth if payment is in perpetuity?

    Again, I don’t know. And it looks like this article doesn’t know the answer to the book royalties. So therefore we are only getting part of the facts and part of the story!

    The problem is, and with due respect, when it comes to all these Disney blogs, etc. the articles can be very fun to read, but when it gets into legal issues, well…You begin to see these are blog writers are not true journalists who know how to write a factual story.

    Again, that’s ok when your writing about the progress of the Tron ride, but not so good when you get into complicated legal issues.
    Thank you.

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