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Prince about to kiss Snow White

Credit: Screenshot Disney YouTube


  1. David M

    This is getting ridiculous now. Her internal thoughts and desires are known to the viewer of the entire story. Her consent is implied via the depth of the entire storyline. Whats next? Will people be arrested for performing CPR because they didn’t ask first? This is no different. She is in a medical situation and he performed life saving mouth to mouth period. I understand consent but people gotta get over the trivial.

  2. Marilyn

    It’s an age old fairy tale. It’s a fairly tale. Make believe. Are people THAT bored that they have to bring up a debate on that too?

  3. Jakm714

    In regards to CPR, unconsciousness and providing a logical argument (always my favorite kind)….if someone is in need of rescuing and they are unconscious (like Snow White is) then consent is automatically assumed & given for life saving measures, such as CPR (or a kiss to break a curse & save someone’s life). Furthermore, if anything goes wrong when you are trying to help, Good Samaritan laws protect those who offered help. So in conclusion, Snow White’s consent is implied & given according to our current laws and rules in regards to CPR and life saving measures (I have taken CPR trainings for years now). The story is saved and still acceptable in this day and age.

  4. KJG

    If the prince thinks she’s dead, how can he get consent from her?

  5. AntiRacist

    Wow! If this is a sampling of the people who go to Disneyland and Disney World, I’m glad I never fell for the hype. Walt would be proud. All you good little racists.

  6. Jesus H….. Will you people get a life. Everything is racist or degrading or offends someone. First its splash mountain because of a song, pirates because of women being what degraded? Thats the way these stories were made a hell of a long time ago. It was fine a few years ago, now all of a sudden it has to be changed. Disney might as well close the doors because certain people are going to bitch about everything.

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