This Disney Park Has a HIDDEN Nemo – Where to Find Him!

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While visiting a Disney Park, there is so much for Guests of all ages to experience! Sometimes there are even hidden gems most visitors don’t know are there. Most look out for Hidden Mickey’s, but Disneyland in California has a Hidden Nemo! 

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If you happen to be looking for Nemo while at the Disneyland Resort, he might not be where you expect. Guests can normally find this lovable clownfish by heading to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction. 

finding nemo submarine voyage
Credit: Disney

The Disneyland website describes this attraction as follows:

With all the humor and heart of the original film, this immersive submarine ride takes you on an unforgettable ocean adventure—to find a missing clown fish.

Climb down into a yellow research submarine operated by the Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation Institute (N.E.M.O.).

Peek through the portholes as you sail past scuba divers and artifacts of an ancient civilization scattered along the seafloor.

Some familiar fins soon swim into view: it’s Nemo and his turtle pal, Squirt, with Marlin and Dory hot on their trail. During your underwater adventure, you’ll encounter other friends from the movie, including Bruce the Shark, Mr. Ray, Gill, Bubbles, Pearl, Peach, Crush and more—and thanks to special “sonar hydrophones,” you can hear what everyone’s saying!


finding nemo submarine voyage
Credit: Inside the Magic

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So, where exactly is this Hidden Nemo?

Thanks to latruce on TikTok, we know exactly where to find Nemo! It’s kind of hidden, and if you’re walking too fast, you could miss it. The video tells viewers to look for a wooden box that sits in between Autopia and the Matterhorn. Also, it looks as oft this box sits below the monorail track. Take a look below!


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This is a great hidden gem that Guests of all ages will enjoy looking out for, similar to that of the Peter Pan and Wendy tree — which has gone viral on the app. This hidden Nemo video only at 1,400 views. However, the more this is found in Disneyland Park, we’re sure it will go viral as well.

disney hidden nemo
Credit: Disney/Pixar

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What do you think of this hidden Disney gem? Are you going to find Nemo on your next trip to the Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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