Disney Fans React to New Relaxed Social Distancing Rules

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When Orange County, Florida, allowed physical distancing to reduce to 3 ft from 6 ft, we saw Universal Orlando Resort and the Orlando International Airport jump in on the new rule. However, Disney World remained at a 6 ft distancing guideline, as suggested by the CDC.

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We have recently reported that Disney World will also begin to reduce physical distancing in a phased approach. However, inside of merchandise, dining locations, and anywhere where masks are removed, the 6 ft rule will stay in place.

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With this change, Guests will likely notice, as Guests at Universal have, that the queues will become a little more crowded than we may be used to, as physical distancing will be cut in half. This change could allow for a raise in capacity while still allowing Guests to distance based on Orange County’s ruling appropriately. However, at the moment, Disney has not announced that any capacity changes will be made.

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That being said, reducing physical distancing in half will still be a big change for many Guests, and we wanted to see what our Inside the Magic readers thought of the new rule. So let’s take a look at what was said by all of you once we announced Disney’s change in physical distancing.

These comments come directly from our readers via Facebook!

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Aaron R. seemed to like the change and wants Disney World to continue pushing forward in its phased reopening:

Just open up to full capacity since Governor Ron DeSantis has lifted all Covid restrictions in Florida.

Christina D. would prefer if the separation between Guests could continue:

I can’t understand why people WANT to be closer to sweaty smelly strangers in line. I’ll continue to “stretch” out in order to keep my personal bubble like I have since before Covid.

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Danielle A. agrees with Christina and would also like to keep her personal space:

I appreciate the social distancing, before all this stinky hot people would always be breathing on my neck to inch closer to the next inch as if it gets them closer to getting on the ride. I like how we can have our own space. 

Shawn G. is more interesting in removing masks, as Shawn believes distancing is not followed by Guests, to begin with:

Just get rid of the masks, if you want to wear one, wear one. People worried about the “6 foot” but when you get off a ride and head toward the exit, ain’t nobody 6 feet apart.

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Chris E. brings up the point that larger groups on one physical distancing markers already end up making everyone stand closer together, so reducing the space between groups will likely be less than 3 ft:

A big problem with reducing the physical distancing measures is that all of the markers already operated under the assumption that one marker = one person standing exactly on the line. If you had multiple people in your party, they were successively closer to the people or party behind you.
If the spacing of the markers is suddenly reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet, Disney might as well abandon them altogether (as people and/ or parties are essentially going to be on top of each other now).

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Debbie A. seems to be ok with the change, as more Americans continue to receive vaccinations for the COVID-19 virus:

Now that we are vaccinated, lift the mask restrictions!!!!

Jason B. noted that during his visit, he did not notice much social distancing happening at all. Please note that the mention of sanitizing before boarding a ride only happens at Universal Orlando Resort, not Disney World.

We were just down in Orlando at Universal Studios. There was no such thing as park capacity or social distancing. The only thing they enforced was hand sanitizer at the beginning of each attraction and masks.

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Susan S. shared a similar sentiment:

Have been to both Universal and Disney recently. Social distancing in the parks was non-existent. Markers on ground ignored. Parks seemed as crowded as ever, even with claiming reduced capacity. 

Angela B. seems to like the change and enjoys that there still is some level of distancing in place:

3ft away from me is perfect even on a regular Disney day.

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Many other Guests continued the conversation by noting they would like to see the mask mandate removed from the park. Disney World can make that change if they would like, as Governor DeSantis has lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in the state of Florida. Still, at this time, Disney continues only to allow masks to be removed while Guests are stationary while eating, drinking, or taking a socially distanced photo.

What do you think of the new reduction in physical distancing? Let us know in the comments below! 

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