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Disney Cruise Line Sailings Suspended

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  1. Port Carnaveral is best port for Disney.

  2. Coach j

    Port Everglades would be a potential replacement for Miami or an addition to Miami when the two new ships beyond the wish are added in upcoming years. Two ships will continue to sail out of Canaveral.

  3. Van Hamlin

    Port Everglades is a good fit for Disney Cruises. It is located next to the airport. Your bags can be transported along with you, in about 15 minutes from the arrivals terminal steps to the boat. A Disney shuttle would drop you off dockside before you could work up a sweat! Cape Canaveral is a long ride on a super highway. In Miami, you travel across Dade County in heavy traffic. Lots of tips to porters. If you are close to embarking time you could be in trouble.

  4. SG

    It’s too far south for those who want to go the parks.

  5. Joseph Andris

    I would love to see Disney sail from Fort Lauderdale.

  6. Igdc

    Florida’s governor has made it impossible for cruise lines to require proof of vaccination for crew and passenger. If Disney is negotiating port space in Florida, then it has decided to allow unvaccinated people to cram into its enclosed, floating hotel, share food, crowd shoulder to shoulder into bars, join together for character events, etc. We’re still in a pandemic and until that changes (thanks to herd immunity… if we ever achieve it), it’s irrelevant to me. My family will not get stuck on a floating Disney petri dish, exposed to irresponsible people who refuse the simplest of health and safety precautions. Further, a single infection on a ship will cause everyone to be quarantined; personally, I don’t have that kind of time to be trapped in a room, unable to get back to school, job, pets, etc.

  7. Deb Wales

    I will NOT sail on a Disney Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. End of story……..

  8. Patricia Varrios

    I would choose Cape Canaveral over Ft. Lauderdale simply because Cape Canaveral is less miles to fly to get on the ship. I am pretty sure that means the price of the airline ticket would be less.

  9. I’d love to see Disney ships sailing out of Ft Lauderdale! Was there a week ago and the Wonder was docked there. Indication of things to come???

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