Disney College Program Participants Must Be Vaccinated to Choose Roommates

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When the COVID-19 pandemic began, many of the Disney World operations and programs had to change. One of which was the popular Disney College Program.

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Participants who were excited to begin their journey with the mouse were abruptly removed from the program and had to return home. Now, over a year after Disney World’s original closure, the Disney College Program is back! As mask mandates begin to relax and vaccinations increase along with tourism, it seems that Disney is ready to bring back College Program participants who typically make up over 10,000 of the Cast Member staff.

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That being said, there are a few changes for DCP participants heading into the program this year! First of all, housing will now be at Flamingo Crossings, which is a huge step up in terms of luxury and amenities for those in the program. Participants will also pick who they want to live with, regardless of gender, as gender-neutral housing is now available. 

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Now, we have heard that participants’ vaccination status will decide their living situation. Becca (@manyadventuresofbecca) was accepted into the Disney College Program after cutting her original program short due to the pandemic. She recently received an e-mail regarding vaccination status, which, as you can see below, states:

In order for College Program to place a Coleege Program participant with a preferred roommate(s), all individuals will need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to arrival. 


Credit: @manyadventuresofbecca

From this email, we can see that all Disney is asking for is verbal confirmation that participants have been fully vaccinated to pick their roommates. In this, it does not mention that participants who decided to forgo the vaccination cannot participate, just that they will not pick their preferred roommates.

What do you think of Disney’s changes to the College Program regarding adapting to the pandemic?

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