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  1. Sebastian Hale

    I think everything in both Disney World and Disneyland is going to be completely restored by the middle of this summer and, at the same time, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be available for makeovers again and the Royal Hall will be available for meet and greets with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella again.

    1. Dis fan


    2. Darlene

      I hope this summer all will be normal operation we love our park and miss the fireworks and the shows we all hope this will happen soon thank you

    3. jo

      I sure hope you are right. To bad we can’t get definitive answers.

    4. CristinB

      I am personally glad Disney is taking their time and being responsible! Remember, not everyone CAN be vaccinated yet! And ease don’t say that anyone u der 12 should stay home! My daughter is just shy of 12 and won’t be vaccinated before our upcoming Disney trip, but she said she trusts Disney to be safe and smart. These kids have had to do virtual schooling for over a year. They need and deserve a change of scenery and a vacation with their family just like everyone who is able to be vaccinated. Is it really that hard to wear mask and keep you distance from others? Disney needed to learn this method as opposed to them herding crowds and smooshing everyone together like a can of sardines. Everyone needs personal space in their lives, so make ot an everyday habit to space out!

      1. Over it

        Stay home if you’re scared. Ridiculous to live life in fear of a virus with a 99% survival rate. Wear your mask and distance yourself if you are so afraid.

      2. jo

        not enough room to space out. Take you lovely daughter camping. Plenty of space outdoors away from people.

  2. Dis fan


  3. EM

    July 4th will be the date to reopen fully. No need to wait that long though. there is no difference from now until then other than it just looks good because that is when the president said everything should be back to normal.

    1. Joe

      Let fastpass come back asap… It is so nice to be able to get on a few rides with a minimal wait time!!!

  4. jo

    Bob said a whole of nothing. No real answers. Would help to have an answer to when HE will allow normal Disney so people could plan vacations. Florida said open up so open up already. I didn’t get to come last year, understandable, so I have saved two years for a vacation. Not spending $$$$ for no entertainment, minimal food choices and rides. Come on already ready. I can be responsible for my own health care.

    1. Sue

      You are 100% correct. We are all responsible for our own health not each other.
      Governor of Florida has lifted all restrictions months ago; get with the program Disney.

  5. Sue

    Governor Newson is only reopening because he has no choice; he is being recalled and his political career is over. The reopening of California’s economy on June 15 is a last resort to keep his tyrant position.

  6. Puuuhleaase

    Lol. Entitled much? Telling others what they need to do when? It’s a PRIVATE business. Not like your paying taxes to Disney and they owe you an explanation for what they do. Choose to go, or choose not to go. The Entitlement astounds me.

  7. jo

    not enough room to space out. Take you lovely daughter camping. Plenty of space outdoors away from people.

  8. yoyo

    YO Bob exactly when is as soon as possible, as soon as practical, as soon responsible? Sounded like a lot of fancy foot work. When is it a done deal to book my vacation?

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