Comments for Disney CEO Says Cast Members Are “Ready, Willing, and Able to Return”

Bob Chapek

Credit: Disney


  1. jo

    If I wasn’t a mental health therapist, my next choice would be a Disney World Character. (Minnie or Daisy or since I am short maybe Piglet). Alas I do have a job. I thinks its great so many Disney workers are coming back.

  2. Timothy Wade Pemberton

    Then lets please allow cast members the option of wearing mask or not. With summer quickly approaching cast members dont need to be suffocating with mask on.

  3. Rob't

    To clarify: Chapek did *not* say, as you report, that 80% of WDW’s Cast have come back. He said that 80% of those *who have been asked* have come back. There are still many CMs (entertainment, administrative, etc) who have not been asked back yet.

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