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  1. Lyn

    I love how everyone was mad and cancelled their AP, now they beg to get them back. We kept ours thru the pandemic , we paid out our contract , had the 3 months added and renewed last week with no issues. So, probably unpopular opinion but for those who gave theirs back and received a prorated refund , I’m don’t feel too bad …..

    1. Pztz

      *I’m, wish I’m was as loyal as Lyn. Must be nice! BTW guys just call 407-WDISNEY and tell them you would like to apply for a reinstatement. You don’t have to “beg to get your AP back” they just need to throttle the number of APs being sold before the 50th anniversary. Also, if you are a new resident of Florida and you want a pass, the same rules apply. Disney values their AP holders because we get them through the lean months. Don’t feel guilty for cancelling your AP in the wake of THE BIGGEST HUMAN HEALTH CRISIS THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER FACED. Good Luck AP holders; See you in the parks!!!

  2. Theo

    This feels like a reach, but I’ll take it. As a newer Florida resident that moved in May of 2020 it’s been frustrating waiting for the annual pass sales to resume and even more frustrating how silent Disney had been on resuming pass sales. Keeping my fingers crossed that your speculation becomes reality soon.

    1. Steve Bennett

      Theo, head to Disney Springs and get in the queue for Guest relations. Be nice, tell them your story, read up on the different kinds of passes available so they don’t have to school you too much and they could just sign you up right there. Might have to pay the whole thing at once to get this done, so be prepared.

      We go for the Weekday Seasonal Resident Pass. Super cheap, and we don’t want to be there on weekends or school holidays anyway. For adults with a flexible schedule, it’s a steal!

      1. Stephen

        I am in the same boat as Theo. I check every day for annual passes as I now live 10 minutes from the parks as a new Florida resident.

        Steve, have you heard success stories of people doing this?

        1. Christine

          I’ve never heard anything about this and I’m a new resident 2 years. Tried to get them right before the shutdown but no luck. My daughter had a wish granted to Disney from the Make a Wish when she was younger and now we live back down here. I really do wish a upon a star they open up the Pass again!

      2. Theo

        I did try this exact suggestion already back in January. No Dice. At that time the Cast Member speculated that they wouldn’t start selling new APs until park capacity was increased. So I do think they will start selling them again soon. I just wish they weren’t keeping us so in the dark about it.

        1. Ginger

          Theo I am in your exact boat. Except we moved here in June 2020. I check every day for news also.

          1. Theo

            Yeah, I don’t really see the benefit at all of keeping this such a big secret. There are people like us that made a huge life change to be closer to Disney World. While none of us expected a pandemic to get in the way of that, it’s still very frustrating and it’s hard not to think they’re waiting for demand for regular park tickets to fall before they resume AP sales since they make more money per guest from the regular pass. Meanwhile we’re left watching from the outside.

  3. Sue

    Good. Bc none of the other parks stopped selling their passes only Disney. So yes bring them back. That’s one benefit just so they don’t rise the price. And then bring back park hopper and get stop with the reservation system. Just go back the way it was. We need thing to get back to normal down here. It’s been way to long. And if people are still scared to go back to the parks stay home.

    1. Mitchell

      Annual passes have nothing to do with being back to normal. Annual passes have nothing to do with people “being scared to go back to the parks.” Disney has realized that annual passes are becoming a cost sink and now it’s the perfect time for them to tweak the passes. Look at Universal, 2 years ago you would pay $280 for an annual pass with free standard parking and discounts on food and merchandise. Now, the same benefits will cost you $400. One of the best ways for a theme park to rake in cash is through parking and Universal beat Disney to that. We are going to see annual passes return but with less for the cost of more. Look at the crowd levels at Disney, they know people are willing to churn out with restrictions, this is a perfect scenario for Disney to nickel and dime the parkgoers.

    2. Pocho Villa

      Has anyone heard if they will let you apply the cost of your ticket to the new AP?

      1. AJ

        They will let you apply the cost of your day passes towards an annual pass IF they start resuming new annual passes before you use your tickets.

  4. Kevin

    I hope you are right but I think this is a bit of a reach/reading into things. We will see.

  5. Marianne

    Yes! I have been waiting for the Annual Passes to come back! My group of Lady friends all are pass holders but me!? Please bring back Florida Annual Passes!

  6. Kim

    Pretty sure renewals are allowed with no problem if you never cancelled. Several friends have done so.

  7. Sarah

    I just want to say that not all renewals are on a case by case basis. I’ve renewed mine twice since the closure. Once in May 2020, and once just a few weeks ago (it was extended so now expires mid June). As long as it hasn’t lapsed they have zero issue with you renewing it. You make it sound like it super hard to get and keep one, but I just went to my tickets and clicked “renew”. I think they are also willing to sell to new DVC members as well, would be silly not to. Do I hope they start selling again soon? Sure. Do I think you’re probably reading too much in to this? Yes.

  8. Kevin

    As new Florida residents (moved here in May 2020) my wife and I are looking forward to the ability to purchase annual passes for the first time. We have taken advantage of the discounted offers, but we would love to get the AP’s so we can go more often.

  9. Vinny

    Not sure if this will help anyone but I wanted to share my story in case this might work for some else. I also cancelled my fully paid annual pass as I live in NY and there was no way I was going to be able to use the remaining months. I recently called the Passholder Help desk and asked for recovery of my family’s annual passes. The cast member said they would process my request and get back to me. I received a follow up call about a month later and was allowed to buy our 4 annual passes at full price, not at renewal rate.

  10. eileen e obermann

    If I buy a 5 day ticket for September to get park reservations, do you think they will let me upgrade to an annual pass if they start selling them?

    1. AJ

      They told me on the phone that they would allow people to apply towards APs. But that’s only if they start selling APs before you use the day passes.

  11. Pat ilardi

    Can’t wait to purchase annual pass. Recently mice back to Florida and with my family already having the passes i purchase Florida resident ones as money allows. Hoping they go on sale as summer break approaches so I can have that time in park with grandkids while parents work. Plllllllleeeeeeaaaassssse

    1. Erin Reilly

      I am new resident in Florida also I am hoping annual passes come back

  12. Tamara Dowd

    Yes bring back new annual passes, but don’t get too greedy we’ve gotten used to Universal Studios and Sea World !

  13. OhWell

    The most valuable members to any local gym are the members willing to pay for the membership and than not go. Disney is going to do the same thing by selling annual passes and then limit how many times you can go with the park reservation system.

    It’s not an annual pass as long as the park reservation is in place.

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