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rey skywalker

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  1. Absolutely yes 😁

  2. deidre

    She’s a palpatine!!! not a skywalker!!! Emperor Palpatine’ s granddaughter🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. Julie

    She officially tossed the Palpatine and became a Skywalker. Give her a chance as Rey Skywalker.

  4. Scott

    Star Wars died when George sold it

    1. Doug

      Okay. And yet, it seems to be alive still. Weird.

  5. If you bring back Rey, you simply CAN’T do it without bringing back Ben Solo!!!! They’re a dyad in the force… where one goes the other follows, in case you didn’t know! (LOL) #BenSoloDeservedBetter #ReyDeservedHerSoulmate

  6. Noah

    Only if Emperor’s Sith Ritual worked and Rey is secretly the new vessel of Darth Sidious. Meanwhile, Luke was suspicious of her the whole time and hid his green lightsaber in R2 for his illegitimate son Temiri (the force broom sweeping kid from the Last Jedi).

  7. SG

    Yay, bring back Rey!

  8. Mike

    Please no
    The best thing about the mandalorian is the show is its own thing.
    The sequels were trash and upset alot of the propper fandom.

  9. JMTS

    The success of The Mandalorian had been mostly because of Grogu’s charm, and his filial affection with Din Djarin. A hero who feels the need to protect someone against all odds. Because emotions equals ratings. And with Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver, in their roles of Rey and Ben/Kylo—Disney has pure gold.

    If they know how to bring them back. When they are together on the screen, there is real magic, that seldom happens between actors. And it cannot be ‘produce’ because it’s an organic process. Why waste it?

    It could be the start of another dynasty. Even if it means that Ben has to spend a while atoning for his past. If people thought that Grogu was cute, imagine the reaction to Rey and Ben’s children. And of course, there will be the need to protect them. The possibilities are endless.

    The same formula of The Mandalorian can work again, but please, don’t end it in another Greek tragedy. The world needs hope without disappointments. A good feeling at the end of the saga. That would be real magic.

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