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disney Cast member wearing face masks

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Just a note that apparently the CMs are considering the extended queues to be common outdoor spaces until you reach the normal queue entrance for the attraction. Meaning effectively you don’t need to wear a mask until you reach the normal entrance to the queue, but always follow the CM’s instructions.

    1. Zappa

      Gotta wear a mask? Not getting my money!! Masks or money..you decide..the science says TAKE OFF THE MASKS!! GO WOKE..GO BROKE

      1. Joe

        Good, please stay away. One less fool to worry about.

      2. Dan

        They already decided. They don’t need your money, trust me. ?

        1. Sue

          Disney stock is dropping. If they don’t need it, stay closed.

          1. Csuguy

            Stock dropped based on Disney+ performance and not based on the parks which have been at capacity (all be it reduced) since mid a March

      3. Hanna

        I’m with Zappa!! My family and I can find somewhere else to spend our $

      4. Sheep-are-Tasty

        People aren’t actually bothered by you not wearing a mask. If it was such a big deal, they would just stay away from you. They are bothered that you’re disobedient. They are bothered that your strength shines a light on their weakness.

      5. Robert E Silveria

        Disney does not need you or your money!

      6. Dj

        By science I assume you mean CDC…who actually said you can take off masks outdoors not inside..if you are fully vaccinated and I’m gonna guess you are against the vaccines too.

    2. Bruce

      Do you have to wear a mask to get into the park? If not, why is that any different than standing in line for a ride? I have been vaccinated. I should not have to wear a mask.

      1. FigmentLvr

        Bruce: the vaccinated shouldn’t have to per the CDC’s latest guidelines. But Florida’s idiot governor made it so businesses are not permitted to ask anyone’s vaccination status. That means it would all be honor system, and this pandemic has proven that there is a disturbingly high percentage of Americans who are absolutely willing to risk the health of others to avoid a little inconvenience to themselves. Disney is not going to open themselves up to that risk.

        1. UberChemist

          It’s pretty simple. Stop wasting your money at WDW!

  2. Jack

    Good. I hope Disney continues to enforce their rules and removes individuals who refuse to comply.

    1. Anonymous

      People spend money at Disney to have fun. Being treated like your on Probation is not fun. Disney demands money to treat it’s customers like criminals. I hope they go out of business as Walt Disney never envisioned a police state compliance garbage. Disney is rolling in his grave.

  3. Sue

    People get over it all ready get on with your life’s. Now we got the mask patrol. This is getting old. Jack get a life you sound like a 2 year old . Disney is full of it. They stop selling annual passes and this mask crap. The other parks never stopped stealing there passes. And universal yes they have the same thing about mask but they don’t have the patrol out . If you are outside in line what the bell is the difference and if you are so scared stay home. Let people get on with there lives. Or do t come down here . Stay out of Florida

    1. Joe

      Ok, Karen… I mean Sue. Every cast member is going to tell you to put your mask back on when it should be. Don’t like it? Don’t go. It’s Disney’s choice, stop whining about it. Your fellow Floridians don’t like your whining either.

      1. Sue

        All fellow Floridans want you to move out of Florida. It is high time every one took the mask off at the same time. If you need a mask you need to stay home.

    2. LaBchMom

      Sue dear…if you don’t like the rules, take your own advice and stay home. Disney is one of the wealthiest companies in the world. They don’t need your money. So spend it elsewhere til they change their rules. Btw, this mask wearing is not forever.
      Just today I had to wear a mask in the grocery store but I didn’t have to wear it in the UPS store.

      1. Bruce

        Can someone please explain to me why being in a line for a ride is any different than being in a restaurant eating? I have ben to Disney 15 times. I will not return until they offer the same experience without the high cost.

        1. CSUguy

          Bruce the concept is pretty simple. Even though they try to keep spacing in a que to six feet this is almost impossible, especially when the que snakes back and forth. In a restaurant they are able to space the tables to maintain at least 6ft of distance. Also, in a que you could be near the same groups of people for more than 15 total minutes while a restaurant can stagger seating in such a way that groups aren’t exposed to the same people for more than 15 minutes. Finally, the ques aren’t going to have the same kind of ventilation that a restaurant is going to have. Ie the air turnover rate in a restaurant is usually going to be much higher than in a que.

    3. Edie

      I’ll stay home till I can enjoy Disney w their high prices and not all the inconvenience

      1. Wanda

        Went for a week prior to the mask update. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to follow rules. We had a party of 5. 6yr old, two middle aged, and two in their early 70s. None of which had a problem following directions.

        The 6yr old is a rider. Probably the best experience riding ever. No line was over 1hr ever. Park wasn’t crowded. It was great.

        1. Connie Krout

          Totally agree. Was there in April, if you don’t like following the rules, stay home.

      2. UberChemist

        I’ll second that! Wearing a mask in 90+ Florida summer is absolutely miserable. Cast members love their new roles to finally tell paying customers to piss off. Covid Disney is bar none the worst experience I’ve paid for. They finally pushed my wife too far, I hope to never give them another dime.

    4. Bruce

      Can someone please explain to me why being in a line for a ride is any different than being in a restaurant eating? I have ben to Disney 15 times. I will not return until they offer the same experience without the high cost.

      1. Getalofebruce

        Can someone explain why Bruce keeps saying the same thing over and over again?

      2. Mia

        Cuz the rona is self aware.

    5. Dj

      No Sue my dear…it’s about time entitled people like u shut the frig up and follow the rules businesses put in place.

  4. Mary

    We have been annual pass holders for a long time, but no more. The masks are ridiculous. The mask police just look to catch someone. If you are afraid of catching something stay home.

    1. Zappa

      Gotta wear a mask? Not getting my money!! Masks or money..you decide..the science says TAKE OFF THE MASKS!! GO WOKE..GO BROKE

  5. Jared

    The fact is if you have decided to get yourself the vaccine at this point and are two weeks past the last shot, you are fully vaccinated. And then it shouldn’t matter what Bobby or Jane is doing in the line whether they are wearing masks or not. If you choose to take your kids to the park who are under age 12 and are not yet vaccinated, that’s the parents decision to make. People shouldn’t have to wear masks at the parks anymore. The masking and social distancing existed as a stop gap until the vaccines were available. They are here now and if you have chosen not to get one, that’s is certainly your choice even though I personally think it’s the wrong choice. But I don’t care about the anti-vaxers because the chances of getting sick from them are so remote. So end the masking already and let’s get back to normal way of life. I’m not going to Disney or Universal until the only masks are being worn by the characters.

  6. Annette

    Disneyland security made my husband leave the entrance area because they said he raised his voice to loud while he was on the phone, he was actually racially profiled and upset having a personal conversation on the phone with his family about the glitch in the reservation system that didn’t allowed us entrance on the day we went. The Anaheim PD was called in because my husband knowing his rights as a security guard himself recorded the incident and spoke his mind. We had our 3 year old daightet there and even Anaheim PD told the security team that my husband did nothing wrong. They decided to escort him out of the area and made him leave the parking lot whole he was waiting for my daughter and I in the car. They refused to give us a refund and everyone at the park was outright lying about everything. It’s a mess and pretty sad. Definitely not the happiest place on earth! I emailed guest services and the CEO of Disney about the mistreatment and they said they could not offer us any compensation at this time. This is not the end of my fight.

    1. Melanie Durham

      You cannot and will not win against a big corporation like Disney! You can certainly try, but you won’t win! And, I don’t believe your story!

  7. Ruth A Murphy

    They need to make face masks optional for vaccinated individuals just like Busch Gardens and Sea World have. If you are vaccinated, what are you so scared about?

  8. Hanna

    I’m with Zappa!! My family and I can find somewhere else to spend our $

  9. Brady

    The vaccines don’t necessarily work, there were 30 kids on a soccer team and all were vaccinated. 9 out of that 30 got coronavirus, now you tell me, if the vaccine really works, then why are the odds so bad?!! If you take the vaccine that’s your choice, but others that choose not to, I don’t blame them. I’m certainly not taking the vaccine, due to those odds being extremely awful. And Im certainly not going to wear a mask on any hot sunny day at a amusement park. Masks should be optional for any individual, it’s honestly your choice. Stop trying to control people and let them live in this “FREE COUNTRY” that many many people fought for!!! Without them, we would be controlled, but since we had them we are free and can do what we want to an extent. But telling people that they must wear a mask, is rediculous. Get over it DISNEY and let people make there own decisions about there health!!!

  10. Paul

    I’m good with making masks optional for those of us who are vaccinated – if and only if people have to provide *proof* of vaccination. Oh wait, you unvaccinated don’t want that because then you can’t lie about it and go maskless.

    Unvaccinated are ignoring the masking, which of course many of those have been ignoring recommendations all along and have helped keep the pandemic going (gee, thanks).

    Since we know the anti-vaxxers, anti-coviders, anti-maskers will lie and cheat, there’s no choice but to do what Disney and others are doing. So, if you don’t want to get kicked out, either follow the rules or stay home. Really simple.

  11. Sue

    WDW needs to get up to speed in Florida. All covid19 restrictions were lifted and are unenforceable since January. Vaccine passports are illegal in this state.
    I noticed way too many people commenting in here that all they do is repeat media progranda. Healthy people do not need a mask nor a vaccine. It is not the responsibility of Disney nor cast members to keep you safe other than on their rides. You enter at your own risk.
    Walt Disney is rolling in his grave at all this stupidity.
    Every one take the mask off and breath.

    1. Joe

      What about the unhealthy. One of the reasons WDW is the happiest place on earth is because it is welcome to all. I’d like to think about the people around me while you I’m on line. Perhaps a 6 year old who was strong enough to go through chemo and make it WDW is counting on me to wear a mask for him/her. I think we can all “suffer” a few minutes of being uncomfortable for another family’s sake. I don’t mind the debate of when to and not to wear a mask but perhaps while on vacation the aggression and venom of the typical argument can be put aside to remember the lengths WDW goes through to bring in all

      1. UberChemist

        Your mask only helps in Fantasy Land (pun totally intended), but by all means keep wearing a mask, it makes the world a more beautiful place!

  12. Jim C

    Eff around and you’ll find out.

  13. Chalai Clark

    If Disney wants to enforce masks their choice as it is anyone else’s who choose not to spend their money there and go somewhere where they enjoy themselves without all this mask controversy. Enough with people attacking other people because they are over the masks. People have a right to choose for themselves!! I am not wasting money at Disney. I want to enjoy a vacation without drama.

  14. MacK

    Disney has guests from all over the world. YOU CAN still get COVID even if you’ve been vaccinated, airlines and cruise ships are still gonna require masks, apparently. Who know for how long. I’ve had COVID TWICE and have long term permanent health issues, including exposed jawbone in my mouth. Yeah, COVID can do that. I’m fully vaccinated and my doctor recommends I still wear a mask. I’m STILL developing clots in my legs. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through on ANYONE.

  15. Dan

    Buzz Lightyear: “Maskholes… maskholes everywhere”

  16. Buzz Lightyear

    “Maskholes… maskholes everywhere”

  17. Sheryl

    GOOD FOR DISNEY!!! I applaud their enforcement of the rules. This is a place for people to be happy, healthy, and safe. Disney has always been a leader in service and safety. Since children cannot be vaccinated yet, protecting their health should always be paramount.
    Wearing a mask and staying distanced is nothing compared to risking a child getting very ill or dying.
    To those who don’t want to follow the rules, GROW UP! All humans are required to follow rules or face consequences. If your folks forgot to teach you this, your kindergarten teacher taught you when you were very young.

  18. Donald WAYNE JOHNSON

    Will not waste my money at Disneyland or Disney World while masks are required any where inside the park

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