Comments for California Paves the Way For Theme Parks to Loosen Restrictions

disneyland opening weekend lines shorter than they seem

Credit: Disney


  1. Chris

    Theme parks shouldn’t be considered mega events, they are more along the lines of a series of smaller venues.

    Luckily for us all, requiring proof is optional and I tend to bet that nowhere will.

  2. Phoebe L Ho

    If they increase attendance they must also increase ride capacity. Just keep the mask rules in place, see how the social distancing queues work out, and things should be ok. But if they increase park capacity without increasing ride capacity we are going to have really long lines. This has to be rectified quickly.

    1. Chris

      Come June 15, all restrictions go away, so they can easily increase ride capacity if they so choose to do so. Everything can go back to full capacity and no masks if so desired and I definitely recommend getting rid of masks.

      1. Natasha

        I couldn’t agree more! Enough of the do nothing fear devices outside. If you’re afraid of catching the invisible boogeyman virus then you don’t belong in a park. Disney will make these optional outside just like wdw did. They will be required indoors for a long time unfortunately. It’s complete illogical nonsense for this safety theater to continue but here in Commiefornia we must be coddled and swaddled indefinitely in order to feel “safe” ridiculous! California is the land of all this unscientific.. the infantile state!

  3. tamra khatib

    You haven’t reopened if out of state guests are not allowed. Get with the times and open to all guests. Or we will take our vacation elsewhere.

    1. Natasha

      They wil let you all in June 15th it’s not Disneyland fault, it’s our very stupid Governor Mr. French laundry’s fault. He’s a hypocrite and an idiot

      1. Gabriel

        Please vote yes on the Recall and Kevin Paffrath for Governor.

  4. Hanna

    Do you have to be vaccinated to enter Universal Studios after June 15th?

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