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  1. lmr

    We attend the MNSSHP every Halloween. We absolutely love & look forward to it each year, however, we will not be returning to Disney until they come to their senses. It appears we might need to find a new “happy place”…unfortunate : (

  2. jo

    We absolutely love MNSSHP. I have a room booked in case Disney comes to their senses. Most likely I will have to cancel in Sept. to get my money back. Such a shame Disney hasn’t gotten rid of tyrant CEO. If the tickets are cheaper, this boo hash might be ok. If Disney is back to normal with Parades, fireworks, dining, meet and greets. I wont spend thousands of dollars for rides, minimal food and masks.

  3. Amy

    Been to MNSSHP several times over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, I’m not going to pay extra money for a reduced (three hours) after hours “party” that will have no parades, no trick-or-treating and no fireworks.

    Hopefully, maybe by Christmas time they can figure out how to have Mickey’s Christmas party closer to the old fashioned way.

    1. Dolly

      I concur. No way for us either! Hoping for an actual Christmas party.

  4. Liz

    Shouldn’t be surprised by anything from Disney at this point, but have to say was not expecting this pricing when this was announced as a 3 hour after-hours event vs the usual party. So now 3 hrs as opposed to the 5 hrs of the former 7 pm to midnight party, as well as the added perk of being able to enter the park at 4, which many factored into their cost as not using one of their tickets on a partial day. Secondly, no exclusive fireworks, parade, stage shows (other than cavalcade and Dapper Dans currently), another reason many were willing to pay the extra fees to attend. And thirdly, and probably one of the biggest draws was the special character meet and greets w/Jack Skellington, all 7 dwarves, princes & princesses together, etc. This to me would have been the biggest reason in the past to have paid to be there, since these were not characters who were available at the parks at any other times except special events, and there were people who would even book two nights, to be able to do the meets one night and the rest of the party one the other. Definitely not worth these prices w/o that especially, as well as the lack of hrs and events. Really hoping attendance for these is low and they don’t sell out to send a message, but don’t realistically think that will happen.

  5. Dee

    Will this event happen at the California resort or just WDW?

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