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  1. Sebastian Hale

    Yes, I am a Disney Plus subscriber and I would do anything to keep my Disney Plus account. I saw that they added “Dog with a Blog” to Disney Plus, but I want them to add “The Legends of Tarzan” to Disney Plus, then the Disney part of my streaming entertainment will be complete.

  2. Sue

    This article is not true. Disney+ has slowly been losing subscribers; in one week they lost close to 2 million subscribers and that number continues to rise. Why is Disney losing subscribers? Because of their “wokeness” and cancel culture.
    I only still have the service because I had a deal that tied me in for 3 years and once it is up GOOD BYE unless they change their attitudes.

  3. D. Thomas

    Since I’m not able to go to Disneyland YET, I’ve been truly Enjoying “Disney+.” Prices have to keep moving up as Disney, I know took a really hard hit with closing down Many of there establishments because of the Pandemic. Prices are Always moving forward. Unfortunately it’s part of life like taxes. My family SO FAR is still keeping our “Disney+” until further notice. Price hike or not. It’s brought a whole Different way to SEE DISNEY (when I couldn’t) & I’m so glad that it has. So people, get ready for a price hike whether you like it or not. It Has to happen. You have no problem when your Disney Theme Parks hike up there prices & THIS is a part of Disney, but from the comfort of your own home. So don’t get upset. IF you Love Disney so much like you all say you do, this is a no brainer.

  4. connie s williams

    I would not mind a hike so much if when they offer up a prime movie they do not expect us to pay additional fees for it. I also wish that with this (or previous) hikes ALL Disney movies were available. If I have it on DVD and my machine is broke why can’t I simply access it through my Disney+ to watch it? If it could be purchased through hardcopies be it VHS or DVD format it should already be available in the list of Disney+


    If the Disney ‘higher ups’ weren’t so over paid perhaps the Disney prices could be more affordable for the ‘working class’! But then, this is common in all big businesses. It’s called greed and it has pretty well taken over the entire world.

  6. Mike NAVARRO

    I have Disney plus to cancel it due to the ever-increasing wokeness of the Disney Corporation. It’s not good to piss off your subscribers for the sake of political correctness

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