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big tom hanks

Credit: 20th Century Fox


  1. So how do we get to see “BIG” or do we get “punished” for our taste in movies we love to watch? Tell us….signed by a lover of film from my childhood til now!!!!!!!

    1. Jeremiah

      Get one of the services they talk about in the article, or buy the DVD.

  2. Mike

    Just get the dvd or bluray.

  3. Tiffany

    Sounds like you are trying to whitewash celebrity sexual habits as No Big Deal. Pathetic!

    1. Cathy

      Ok, Qcumber ?

  4. Jeremiah

    Get one of the services they talk about in the article, or buy the DVD.


    Absolutely! This is a very lighthearted movie that makes me laugh every time I watch it. Tom Hanks is hilarious and makes it so believable. I hope it returns soon.

  6. Kandis

    Darn I love that movie I been watching it since it first came out well crap that’s ok I can just buy the DVD of it then your lose I hate kids don’t get to watch a classic movie

  7. Nanette Donaldson

    I’m definitely going to miss Big, I imagine that being me when I was a kid, I remember taking my 2 son’s to the movie’s to see the it, now they have kids that watch it on Disney+

  8. Tamara

    Money talks

  9. John F Richardson

    Not gonna miss it.

  10. Sur

    Oh brother! When will it all stop? Yes, you can get a dvd but that isn’t the point! And why is The Rap Music still being sold that has deplorable lyrics?

    1. Jo

      Funny how society is happy to allow music so filled with hate and misogyny, but, demands movies and TV shows to be removed because of perceived racism of the people who produce such horrible music.

    2. Jeff

      Rap music can be sold with or without it’s deplorable lyrics because it’s a subjective experience. If people like it they’ll buy it. Of you don’t want your kids to listen to it, don’t let them. If you can’t control that happening, do better to prepare your kids to handle the “deplorable lyrics” and other things out in the real world.
      Anyway, this was removed temporarily due to licensing agreements made with other companies that will be streaming. In essence, it has nothing to do with the content, just contracts and $$$

  11. Jo

    I’m a Brit with a VPN, so I can access both the US and UK Disney +. Of course the US one only is the basic package, no Hulu or ESPN, which suits me. I wonder if any of you have a VPN and have it so its a British address so you can access the UK Disney +. Same account for both countries, no need to set up a separate account. I only found out by accident when I got a new VPN service that worked with my Amazon Firestick and had it switched to the US address.
    Worth a try as it works on my computer too

  12. SG

    I LOVE Big. Luckily we have it on DVD. Point 1 for Old School!

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