Comments for Amber Heard Reportedly Eyeing ‘Harry Potter’ Franchise

amber heard as mera in aquaman

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Joey Bats

    Well, I guess it takes a Witch to play a witch.
    This woman disgusts me.

  2. Shel

    Why? She destroyed Mr. Depp’s career. Blamed him for holding her like a prisoner but, in her court statements, said she was in the penthouse for a month, and he wasn’t there. I’m sorry for bringing this up, but Mr. Depp lost his mom in that month. Where was she? That was her mother-in-law. She claims her victim status in that time, but was not there for her own husband when he lost his mom, the most important person in everyone’s life. Then she tells a story so outrageous you would have to be without a brain to believe anybody can twist in the way her story twisted the DV claims. How is this affecting Mr. Depp’s career? Why is this affecting his career? It is a fraud in the worst possible way. Mr. Depp, there is nothing you did to deserve this. Do not let them make you ever think that. Fight this fight and stand proud. I’m right here with you, and so proud of you.

  3. Watkins

    I laugh every single time I see a story about this twat trying to get another role in a big blockbuster flick. You’re done. The only movie anybody might get a kick out of seeing you in is a gangbang.

  4. Savage Lynx

    More importantly, LAPD and the FBI are eyeing HER for PERJURY!

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