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john walker

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  1. Diane

    People need to get lives. I think Wyatt Russell has done a great job of portraying a flawed version of Captain America, but, he is also portraying a fictional character and I worry about people who treat Captain America as a real person and cannot differentiate between fiction and the real world.
    This message board is the closest I get to social media, I think Facebook, Twitter et al are dangerous and most people are either narcissistic or so unhappy in their own lives that they need to vicariously live other people’s lives.
    Its one thing to feel empathetic towards a fictional character, that is why we feel sad when watching a movie like Up or Toy Story 3, but, confusing an actor with his character and being abusive to that actor is a new level of scary

  2. EricJ

    Again, Kelly Tran’s online bullying was more a matter of social-media fans who didn’t know (yet) that Rian Johnson had his own Twitter account, and Tran’s online activity was the most visible target that fans could “get their hands on” after Last Jedi.

    Wyatt is more the case of a group of overly dependent binge-cable fans (I’m male, I don’t think every 10’s/20’s TV show I watch is “real”) who didn’t read the comics in the 90’s, and didn’t see the John Walker arc coming.
    Not “scary” in that it wasn’t unexpected, more in the sense of “Folks, THIS is what I’ve been talking about for ten years now. 🙁 “

  3. The amount of hate received by Wyatt Russel is unbelievable. He is providing so many layers to the character. Many people are looking forward to seeing more of him.

    I think people need to differentiate between the actor and the character.

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