The Disney World Wildberry Marshmallow Freak Shake

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wildberry cake pop Freak Shake

Beaches ‘N’ Cream has done it again! This spring, stop by the favorite ice cream parlor of Disney Guests everywhere and order their newest creation. The Wildberry Marshmallow Freak Shake debuted on TikTok via the Disney Parks channel and gives us a behind-the-scenes look at how this amazing dessert is made!

beaches n cream wildberry marshmallow freakshake
Credit: Disney Parks

Disney World Wildberry Marshmallow Cake Pop Shake

Thirsty after your hot swim in Stormalong Bay? Step up to the takeout window (or make a Table Service Dining Reservation for the newly remodeled dining room) and order the newest creation; a Wildberry Marshmallow Cake Pop Shake!

Featured on the Disney Parks social channels, the Beaches ‘N’ Cream team shared the milkshake creation process via their TikTok feed. A vanilla ice cream milkshake blend is mixed with a wildberry syrup for extra tastiness.

beaches n cream milkshake machine
Credit: Disney Parks

While that mixes, Cast Member Allison decorates the signature Beaches ‘N’ Cream mason jar glass with frosting (the glue), star-shaped sugar sprinkles, and interior (alternating) drippings of pink and purple marshmallow sauce. (We’re not sure if it’s a toasted marshmallow flavor, but that would be fun!)

wildberry marshmallow cake pop freakshake layers
Credit: Disney Parks

Then the wildberry milkshake is poured in, making a beautifully pale pink contrast to the darker purple and milk marshmallow sauce stripes.

wildberry marshmallow cake pop freakshake
Credit: Disney Parks

Finishing touches are made with whipped cream (but not a whole can like the Kitchen Sink Sundae!) and three sweet and colorful cake pops turned upside down. Be sure to enjoy those first before diving into the wildberry milkshake!

cake pops
Credit: Disney Parks

Check out the full end result! Pink, yellow and green cake pops balance on top of our favorite Beaches ‘N’ Cream glass. The pastel rainbow dessert is perfect to cap off a warm Spring day in Orlando Florida!

beaches n cream wildberry marshmallow freakshake milkshake
Credit: Disney Parks

Crazy Disney Foods to Try

There are always tons of new dishes to try at Walt Disney World Resort, but some of them are wildly popular just for being crazy! The Secret Hot Dog at Disney Springs made waves from its food truck – you had to order it using a secret catchphrase!

the secret disney hotdog tiktok header

Last fall, we saw Beaches N’ Cream again make headlines with their zesty Pumpkin Pie Milkshake which was topped with an entire slice of pie!

If you’re on the West Coast near Disneyland Resort, you can still find the Mickey Mouse-themed milkshake at Black Tap Anaheim! It’s got two straws, real chocolate syrup, two rock candy sticks, and of course, a cherry on top serving as the freak shake-style garnish. Be sure to bring a friend to split it with!

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