Get Ready for The Kitchen Sink: Our Beloved Beaches & Cream Reopens Soon!

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Beaches N Cream Disney World Hostess holding a strawberry freakshake with Minnie cupcake on top

One of Walt Disney World’s most popular restaurants is finally set to reopen after a much-too-long refurbishment (read: We Scream for Ice Cream) that started in August. Beaches & Cream Soda Shop, home to the World Famous Kitchen Sink Sundae, is set to reopen at Disney’s Beach Club Resort on Dec. 26, 2019. You’ll find all our favorite dishes still on the menu plus a few new items to try. Reservation opportunities are live now for bookings starting on Dec. 26th.

Beaches N Cream Disney World Hostess holding a strawberry freakshake with Minnie cupcake on top
Credit: Disney

Beaches & Cream Reopens with Airy Decor

Now the good part! We’ve been waiting with candy-sprinkled breath for the reopening of Beaches & Cream. This super-popular restaurant was always small, making reservations hard to come by. When you first enter, you’ll find Disney fixed that problem by expanding the restaurant via the arcade next door, offering more opportunities to chow down.

The visual theme (as seen in the artist’s rendering) follows along with the rest of Disney’s Beach Club Resort with soft beachy colors, beach-ball-like light fixtures, and of course, an ever-present Jukebox to keep that diner feel. Peep at the walls, and you’ll find a turn of the century soda fountain, aqua tiles and framed art of the Fab Five.

Disney concept art for Beaches N Cream Reopening 2019
Credit: Disney

What’s New at Beaches N Cream?

There are plenty of new dishes to satisfy your cravings as Beaches & Cream Reopens, but they didn’t forget about your favorites, either. You’ll find a new plant-based dessert option called Cookie Fries, which is served with Marshmallow Cream, Chocolate, Caramel, and Strawberry Dipping sauces. YUM! You can still sip on specialty milkshakes, ice cream desserts, Apple pies, and new seasonal cheesecakes. The tried and true (and likely the most often ordered menu item) Kitchen Sink Sundae is still #1, with scoops of ice cream, toppings galore, and yes, and entire can of whipped cream. Bring your friends; they’ve got the spoons!

Beaches N Cream COokie Fries Dessert with dipping sauces
Credit: Disney

If you have a savory palate instead of a sweet tooth, you’ll still find plenty to eat at this favorite diner. A Seared Salmon Filet Sandwich with bacon aïoli, a French Dip Sandwich topped with crispy onions and cheese, as well as loaded up tater tots with cheese sauce and green onions. Plant-Based options (which are all the rage right now) come in the form of plant-based loaded tots with plant-based chili, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. Beaches & Cream reopens with a Plant-Based Burger option featuring plant-based mayonnaise, caramelized balsamic onion jam served on a multi-grain bun.

Beaches N Cream Famous Kitchen Sink Sundae and Minnie and Mickey Kitchen Sinks
Credit: Disney

What Happened to Lafferty Place Arcade?

Don’t worry, gamers, it’s still there! You’ll find the Lafferty Place Arcade along Stormalong Bay, between Disney’s Beach Club Resort and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, but you will also find that it’s smaller. Lafferty Place was a very large space that had some unused space, so we applaud Disney for smartly rearranging the space and giving us more room for friends at Beaches N Cream!

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