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anakin skywalker c3po and r2d2

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  1. KenG

    So….why didn’t C-3PO mention in New Hope to Lea and Luke they were brother and sister???? He didn’t seem like he was good at keeping secrets!

    1. S

      Because his memory was wiped after the events of Revenge of the Sith by Bail Organa to keep Luke and Leia’s identities a secret from the Empire.

      1. Pawel

        So, the statement in the article that the C3PO remembered everything is a false. Also the whole sacrifice – since the C3PO menory was restored from a R2D2 backup, if I Rembertów corretly…

    2. Brian

      Anakin literally states in Episode I “this is 3PO, he’s a protocol droid I’m building for mom” amazing mystery solved 22 years ago if you actually watched the movie

      1. Ace Guillen

        Dude! Seriously! I was just about to write “22 years ago, Anakin, literally explains why he built C3P0”. These articles always amaze me. They never watched a star wars movie until 2 years ago and think everyone is as clueless as them.

      2. Eric

        I was thinking the exact same thing. When he is showing Padme around he tells her what you said.

    3. It is as if billions of voices cried out “Did you even watch Episode 1?!” at once, and then we’re silenced.

  2. Kevin

    I mean, it was already explained in Episode 1 by anakin himself if I recall correctly, stating it was to help his mother.

    1. Matt

      Yeah that’s exactly what he said.

      1. Lee

        Because his mother, a slave living on a backwater planet on the outer rim really needed a protocol droid? Oh yes that explains it perfectly George :))

        1. Why

          Yea, George, why would they need a translator living in a major spaceport with hundreds of thousands of aliens? I mean, I guess in the end the crowds at the podraces were just CGI, so it doesn’t count, right?

  3. Anakin built C3po to help his mom. He says that in the movie.

  4. Anakin built C3po to help his mom. He says that in the movie

  5. Jay

    Great article. Although this sentence makes it sound like Babu Frik is a villain, if read by the casual Star Wars fan or Star Wars Newbie: “Then, the droid ultimately sacrifices himself at the hands of Babu Frik in the final installment of the Skywalker Saga…”

  6. Michael Davis

    Yawn…. who cares.? Never be the same with Disney. If you continue to watch, you were never a true fan anyway. $$$$$$$ Is the only reason now, even George Lucas admits this now.

  7. Backcountry164

    Who cares. Star Wars is dead with Kathleen Kennedy in charge. Hopefully everything that she’s touched eventually gets retconned and forgotten…

  8. Eric

    Tell me you did not pay attention to what was said in episode 1 without telling me you did not pay attention to what was said in episode 1.

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