Comments for White Castle Near Disney World Restricts Guests From Ordering 60+ Sliders

white castle

Credit: White Castle Instagram


  1. BlueCat49

    Just off the 85 in the Upstate of South Carolina, the last Jack in the Box before Atlanta often gets orders for 100 plus regular tacos because there aren’t any Jacks in Georgia.

  2. Shell

    White Castle is ok but Florida’s Krystal Burgers and fries are much better.

  3. Backcountry164

    Bread has always been affordable, it’s literally the food of peasants. That’s what makes WC sliders so cheap, 80% of the sandwich is bun…

  4. Sean Sullivan

    White Castle is the best. From Michigan and crave them often. Whoever wrote this doesn’t understand the fact that 10 sliders is enough for 1 person. White Castle used to sell the Crave Crate which was 100 sliders.

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