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  1. Voice of Reason

    Thanks for the article, Caitlin. The idea is a stretch, though. I mean, Vanko isn’t a very common surname. So that’s kind of a fun one to highlight. Proctor, on the other hand, is a fairly common surname. For example, there are approximately 495 people listed with the last name Proctor in New Jersey right now. New York has 1,410 people named Proctor. That’s almost 2,000 people named Proctor! There are currently 4 people in new Jersey listed as being named Vanko. There are 11 people in New York. That’s 15 people vs 1,900. There are quite a few states that don’t even have 1 person named Vanko! But hey, if you want to delude yourself that it’s all connected, go right ahead. I’m just saying, the laws of averages would tell us that the likelihood of this person’s theory being correct is quite low.

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