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  1. Michelle

    What I am curious about is how they are handling out of state passholders. We got ours in Feb 2020 and only got to use it once. With the state restrictions saying only Cali residents can go to the parks, if they reactivate all passes at the same time, are we out of luck (losing however many months the restriction is in place)? That was the nice thing about getting my Disney Annual Pass refunded, not something I had to worry about.

    1. Chris

      I would say, contact Universal and ask, but I have no doubt they will do something for you.

  2. Adan

    So, apparently Universal Studios Hollywood is not selling annual passes. They are only selling one and 2 day tickets to help control crowds, for now. Which makes no sense to me and they wouldn’t specify when annual passes will go on sale but stating to control crowds, sounds like a good while. I wish they’d be more transparent. I had to email and bother them to get even that information

  3. Concerned Citizen

    The theme parks should not be opening again. There is a new surge in Covid cases all across the country. A theme park is jot worth risking your life for. Furthermore, sine they are reopening, there should be mandatory covid tests. People receiving necessary life saving medical procedures have to have mandatory covid tests, then it should be a requirement for theme parks and all “entertainment” venues. It is too soon and with the new strains, which are more deadly and more resistant, this is just the calm before the storm. Mark my words, there will be more lives lost after these parks open back up, and they parks do not care. If they did, they would hold off. We are not out of the woods yet and this is just going to make it worse. Even if you have the vaccine, you can still contract Covid and you can still spread it. Furthermore, there is no telling what this vaccine will fo and how long it will “work” if it’ll make it better or worse when you get Covid. Honestly, anyone who goes to these theme parks I pray for your health and safety. However, theme parks are a luxury not a necessity. Why don’t we work on getting medical facilities open and schools fully reopened before theme parks and any other luxury entertainment venue? You cannot tell me theme parks are more important than medical procedures and schools being fully reopen.

    1. bert ouderkirk

      Simple for you then DON’T GO!

  4. bert ouderkirk


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