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  1. Concerned Citizen

    Theme parks should not be open yet. They are going to be the cause of the 4th wave of Covid in California. As a concerned citizen, it is going to detrimental, catastrophic even, to the health, safety and well-being of everyone in the state with the re-opening of the theme parks. The East Coast and the Mid West have already started with getting their 4th wave of Covid. As the pattern shows, California is only a few weeks away from it’s 4th wave of Covid. Which will be even worse due to the exposure of theme parks being allowed to open. Yes, I do not have to go to one, however, it does not mean that people that choose not to go will not be exposed because of strangers they run into on the street because of that stranger going. The vaccine is not guaranteed to do anything. It may or may not lessen or worsen the symptoms of Covid. Furthermore, the companies producing these vaccines are released from any and all liability from their product. Meaning, if you suffer adverse effects from the vaccine or even death, the company is not responsible in any way for what happens. It is an utter joke. You can very much still contract and transmit Covid after being fully vaccinated. It is negligent of the theme parks to be open right now. I used to be an avid theme park goer and I am highly disappointed in the blatant disregard of human life these theme parks have. If they cared at all about their employees and their guests they would not be open yet. All they seem to care about is that they can be open and making money. It reminds me of a line from Jurassic Park. Now, I’m paraphrasing here, however the gist of it is this, the people were so concerned about if they can and not concerned about if they should. Sound familiar? The theme parks are so concerned that they can re-open right now and are not stopping to think that they should not re-open right now. They claim in articles that they are enforcing social distancing, mask wearing, sanitizing conditions, however that is all for show. Just like a movie, no one sees or knows what happens when the cameras are off. They are not enforcing it as much as they like to make health officials and news reporters think. Again, it’s all a joke. I do want things back to normal, however not in blatant disregard to human life. The vaccine is not a cure all, it will not even prevent you from contracting or transmitting Covid, and we do have the new strains of Covid here. Which are deadlier than the original strain. I guess only time will tell how bad this next wave we are going to get will be.

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