Comments for Universal Panics As Florida Woman Claims a “Baby Dinosaur” Ran Through Her Yard


Credit: Universal


  1. Earl

    Seen this before. In my yard at night , large male heritage wild turkey.

    1. Ivy

      It is an alligator. I zoomed in on the pic and you can see an alligator walking over a garden hose. If you didn’t zoom I could see where it looks like a dinosaur the garden hose gives the appearance of looking like a leg. I get gators in my backyard all the time.

    2. Didnt know alligators could run that fast
      Lol.ive been hearing its a dog with a leash dragging it. Lol. If it was a dinosaur raptor running around do you think the news. Would be posting this? They wouldnt want to put the scare in people. ?? they would be pulling this off the internet
      It be kept secret if there was a actually dinosaur

  2. Thelma J. Landers

    Its a “Monitor lizard” grow big and run on back legs. (30 mph)They are in Florida now even panama city fla area swamps etc

    1. Anonynurse

      I know I’m reading this at nearly 1:30am, I suppose you know this now as well.

      Did I completely miss the part in this article where Universal *panics*?

      I’m just checking.

  3. Ivy

    I zoomed in really close and it is an alligator walking across a garden hose. When it isn’t zoomed in the water hose makes it look like the leg of a creature but once you zoom in real close you can see the gator and it’s tail and the garden hose under it.

  4. Melanie Durham

    I believe the other folks here that’s it’s some alligator! I’ve seen the video as well and thought maybe it was a peacock or something as raptors and dinosaurs are extinct of course!

    Love this article! Made me giggle

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