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  1. Sally

    I was able to get on and got my reservation but then I tried to get my husband on and it wouldn’t let me in. So I think that sucks. I pay for both of our passes they should have set It up so that if one pass holder gets on the other one should be allowed to go. Why did u have to sign in twice to get the other person on. I am totally pissed. I called them up and was on hold for two hours. Not acceptable.

    1. William Stillwell

      I have 4 three park annual passes, and been a member for 10 years… i never even go the invite link.

  2. Julio Colón Ocasio

    I have been a universal pass holder for years and have a more expensive preferred passport. I have not received any emails in regards to this preview and I even checked my junk mail and nothing there either. Why is Universal only inviting a few and not all? As dedicated supporters of the resort, we should all be given a treat to experience this ride before it officially opens. I honestly do not want to be subjected to the horrible crowds and obscene long wait we endure to try riding Hagrids coaster when it opened 2 years ago. A coaster that I have only ridden 2 times in 2 years because of the high demand. I anticipate the same chaos for Velocicoaster. If this is how Universal is treating its beloved annual pass holders, I may just have to reconsider renewing for another year. What’s the point of being a pass holder if some love and appreciation is not afforded to us!?

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