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Brightline Universal

Left Image Credit: Brightline - Right Image Credit: Universal

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  1. Dis-Crazy

    How could proof of vaccination be demanded upon? That’s a HPPA violation and lawsuits will abound. Private businesses legally can and should allow privileges for those willing to share the information that they have in fact been vaccinated.
    Those who can but don’t get the vaccine selfishly put others lives at risk (for instance those who are unprotected because of a medical reason.) My family has been vaccinated for our own safety as well as others. If the CDC decides that because I’m vaccinated I’m no longer a risk to others and as such require less stringent protocols I should reap those benefits unlike those that didn’t get the vaccine. I’m sure my opinion will be received as harsh and unpopula but I don’t care. I think you’re cruel and irresponsible if you don’t get it when you qualify to and put the lives of those who can’t at risk.

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