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  1. KevinY

    The songs in Princess and the Frog are excellent! I hadn’t seen the movie until the re-theme was announced but I came away very satisfied that the new ride will be great.

    1. Put a cork in it Kevin. Everyone is not liking this Splash Mountain re theme.

      1. Michael Smith

        Yes a vocal minority hate it. A vocal minority love it. Everyone else… doesn’t care because they aren’t such losers that a Disney ride retheme has any affect on them.

        1. SplashFan

          I think you meant to write vocal MAJORITY love it. 21,358 that hate it vs. over 104,000 that love it. Hmmm, it’s kinda obvious.

          1. CB

            I am not sure where your numbers are coming from, bit there have been NUMEROUS petitions going around for Disney to NOT change splash mt., easily over 104.000 people! Not to mention everyone that I’ve had conversations with thinks Splash should not be changed, and yhat Tiana’s rides does not belong there! In any case, Disney will ruin another original attraction instead of building a new one somewhere else!

        2. SplashFan

          CB, are you talking to me? I’m on your side. Read my comment again…my numbers are coming from the petition to re-theme Splash (21,358 signatures) vs. the numerous petitions to SAVE the ride (over 104,000 signatures combined, if not more at this point.). Making us the vocal majority! I literally said basically the same thing you did.


      2. Barbara Ervin

        You got that right!

      3. Sue

        Totally agree with you. There is zero reason for this retheme.

        1. more reasons to avoid Disney

  2. Andrew

    ‘The Princess and the Frog’ was released in 2009 not 2007.

  3. S1

    Nothing will be included because there will be no retheme. Disney has lost money and will quietly call off this travesty due to lack of funds.

    1. Mike

      I hope to God you are right. Splash Mountain is one of the most popular attraction at Disney and its history. It’s funny how they call this ride offensive yet they are still selling Splash Merchandise that are clearing the shelves and the ride has one of the longest wait times. Along with over 90,000 people that have signed a petition to save Splash Mountain compared to 21,359 people that want it re-themed. They should build Princess/Frog somewhere else.

      1. CB


  4. This is getting worse and worse.
    We got a new third park coming soon to Disneyland. So maybe Disney will abandoned the project and move on.

  5. Br’er Rabbit

    The only thing they’re gonna find on that ride is my foot going in and out of whoever wrote this garbage articles ass for ten and half straight minutes. With a glorious 50 foot plunge Finale into everyone else’s ass who supports the retheme.

    1. Michael Smith

      Big internet tough guy. Love your internet muscles. What a loser.

      1. Talk about a loser ! Look in a mirror!

  6. DisneyFan

    Nothing should be included, because this re-theme of an attraction with consistently the highest wait time in MK is ridiculous. Make a new attraction and restaurant for Tiana. We all know she deserves it and there does need to be more representation in the parks. It does not have to be done this way though. Hopefully once Iger is gone the other Disney executives wake up.

  7. Tamara Dowd

    Love Splash Mountain “the ride”. Everything else is just window dressing.

  8. CB

    I agree with doing a new ride for Tiana- something more themed to the movie them, and then a replica of Tiana’s restaurant with Louisiana dishes she would have! Why should an extremely popular original attraction be changed?

  9. Merlin Jones

    The only reason I ever go on Splash Mountain (not to get wet!) is because it so beautifully brings to life the happy realm of Br’er Rabbit and Song of the South (one of my favorite films since 1971 reissue) and features the delightful characters, designs, and music from the film. For me, characters and worlds are living things at the Disney Parks, inherent in the design and concept – not arbitrary layers of IP to be switched out (see also Swiss Family Treehouse/Tarzan). Splash Mountain IS Chickapin Hill with a plunge into the Briar Patch – idea married to attraction by design.

    Please keep the Laughing Place alive for future generations! These stories were very important to Walt and he would have been proud of the attraction as created by Tony Baxter. It’s mighty satisfactual!

  10. Paul

    God, I wish I could include the picture of Michael Jackson sitting in the movie theater eating popcorn.

    I love reading the angst from folks over the re-theming of Splash Mountain. If this is what triggers you, ya’ll seriously got to get a life.

    1. DisneyFan

      If this is what entertains you, then you sir are who needs to get a life.

  11. David

    Absolutely agree with everyone who is against the retheme. Just a observation regarding this speculative article. How can a ride based on a movie include songs and characters that are not in the movie ? We all know that Disney lied about the retheme being in the works for a couple of years or more and know that the truth is that a Disney Parks cast member (not an imagineer) came up with the so called concept art for the retheme by superimposing images from PATF onto existing Splash Mountain artwork. Surprisingly Disney has failed to release any further concept art in the last 9 months or so despite claiming to have been working on this for over 3 years now.

    1. SplashFan

      THIS 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Funny how there’s multiple concept art images for the Jungle Cruise changes which was only recently announce. Yet only ONE image for this re-theme that is claimed to have been in the works a year before the announcement was even made. Seems like some BS to me!

  12. KenG

    The whole re-theming thing is ridiculous and once again “cancel culture” has a double-edged sword.
    Why? Because this is one of the last places folks can hear about the “Uncle Remus” stories.
    I’ve been to Laura Plantation outside of New Orleans, the very palace where these stories originated by French Creole slaves. In fact even back nearly 10 years ago this plantation tour emphasized the importance of these stories and how in many ways they were about the plight of the enslaved and how they outsmarted their masters (Br’er Rabbit vs. the fox and bear).

    Yes those stories were popularized by white journalist Joel Chandler Harris in the early 1900’s, but he was also someone who was an advocate of racial rights at the time. And then of course Walt DIsney brought these stories back years later.

    Sure in both cases the stories (and movie) were made to be palatable to a mainly white audience (and those be profitable) – But by eliminating the theme form Splash Mountain once again you eliminate the history.

    Wouldn’t it be better to keep Splash as it is and have some sort of an exhibit about the history of the Uncle Remus stories?

    Wouldn’t it be better, at least at Disneyland in New Orleans Square to re-theme the French Market restaurant into Tiana’s Place?

    To much logic I guess…. and logic goes out the window when politics get involved!

  13. Barbara Ervin

    I want my Zippity-doo-dah back! Splash Mountain was my favorite ride in the Magic Kingdom, and I loved the music. I wish people would not try to ‘fix’ things that are already perfect! I honestly believe Disney’s only reason for ‘re-themeing’ SM is being done to appease ‘certain people’ who put Song of the South on their offensive list! Hey Disney, you may have appeased ‘those’ people but trust me, you offended many, many others.

  14. Don Cann

    Most of us are against this retheming of Splash Mountain. “Zippity-Do-Dah is an iconic song, as is Disney’s wonderful motion picture “Song of the South”. Disney’s new “woke” culture has already taken so much away from what Walt would’ve wanted in Disneyland. It’s another sad day for Disney fans.

  15. KenR

    What a joke. One of the best and most popular attractions in all four parks and they want to mess with it? Instead of throwing money away on this completely unwanted and unnecessary re-theme they should allocate it to the boring and horrible Figment ride. Turn that mess of a ride into a Princess and a the Frog ride. Nobody rides that ride anyway. 10 minute waits all day because it sucks so bad. Sorry Figment fans.

  16. Phoebe L Ho

    I’m just so scared that Splash Mountain won’t be open when D-land reopens. Will it fit the criteria for indoor attractions? What happens when the masks get wet? Please. One last ride.

  17. Marcus

    With how high the petition is to keep it as is vs the small amount on the petition that ‘changed their minds’ it’s ridiculous this is still going forward. Princess and the Frog does deserve a ride, it’s a fun movie, but not at the expense of Splash Mountain.
    It’d be nice if people did their research on this – the uneducated call anyone that is for Splash Mountain racist. I highly doubt they have even seen the source material or know history. The Uncle Remus stories were written down in the same dialect as they they were told by Joel Chandler Harris – at a time when they would have been lost to time. And he kept it in the dialect as to not white wash the stories. Yet all of these people claiming it’s racist are trying to erase this piece of history with a tale originally written by a white European woman.
    Whoopi Goldberg has spoke out about Song of the South needing to be released to start a conversation. There is a great mini interview with a worker from the Uncle Remus museum regarding this too in favor of keeping the ride and the tales of Brer Rabbit alive. Disney is doing nothing but hurting their reputation and making the ‘taboo’ ness of this film and ride get worse by not speaking out.

    There is so much more on this subject, yet people aren’t willing to put in the work to do actual research. They just believe what they want to believe.

    1. SplashFan

      Well said 👏🏻👏🏻

  18. Al

    You know…with the recent announcement of Disneyland Forward – I don’t think Splash Mountain will be receiving a retheme (thank God). If they really want to build Tiana her own ride (which BTW I AM in favor of – just not replacing Splash Mountain) they’ll have plenty of room to do so with the new expansion. Plus – I’m sure that’s where all the money will be going anyway. On top of that, WDW has plenty of room to build Tiana her own attraction anywhere they’d like. So…I really don’t see this happening. I think it would be a step in the wrong direction for Disney. The woke crowd really has no respect for the culture of Disney or its history. They’ve had plenty of room to voice their opinions lately but they must be aware that their views will only go so far. They can’t have it all. If Splash really needs a few changes and updates I’m all for it – again just not a retheme. It’s become part of the park’s culture. Keep the characters. Keep the storyline. Keep the music. Just plain old keep it.

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