Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Show Support by Unveiling Transgender Jedi

Terec and ceret from Star Wars The High Republic

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  1. Former Fan

    Star Wars is now a vehicle for Disney’s socio-political agenda.

  2. Kelly Coffey

    Your opening sentence…”…the force is strong with Star Wars…” is exactly and perfectly wrong. The whole operation has gone downhill. They are misguided sellouts pushing an agenda that has NOTHING to do with the universe of stories. Transparent attempts to pander to a passing fad…that’s not strength, that is weakness.

    Transgender is not a real thing.

    Non-binary is even more ridiculous a thing. Humans have a gender. You cannot change your gender. Any assertion otherwise is flagrantly false.

    1. Paul

      I couldn’t agree with you more. As Dr. Fauci always says “follow the science!”. Gender is determined by DNA, and it can’t be changed. You’re either male or female. It has nothing to do with what the little voices in your head are saying.

  3. Cat

    It makes me feel good about myself to see positive depictions of characters who share some of my experience and reading their stories encourages me in my own life.

    1. AlexW

      cool! so you wanna be a jedi?

  4. Starwarssucks

    I never really cared for Star Wars before. Now I won’t even give it a second thought.

  5. Darth Senses

    As of now, the bigots are running 3 to 1.


    1. Darth's an idiot

      what’s really cool is that a person calling somebody else a bigot, is by definition, a bigot themselves! so make it 4 to 1!

  6. What even is starwars anymore?

    Honestly at this point, the high republic just seems like soulless propaganda, not because the the mere presence of a transgender character, but mostly because of how often minor details like this take center stage, which always leads to the actual story and major details being half assed. For example one of the characters is a literal rock named “geode”, which is a complete joke, and let’s not forget about the fact that Palpatine came back to life with literally
    zero explanation. I don’t care all that much about transgenders being in star wars. I’m just angry that political messages are taking center stage at the expense of creativity and a decent storyline.

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