Comments for ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Losing It Over Rumored Abrams Cut

rey finn and poe hugging rise of skywalker set

Credit: JJ Abrams Instagram


  1. Stephanus P Surjaputra

    If an Abrams cut does exist and it’s 4 hours long, I don’t know if I could sit through it all at once. I didn’t even want to watch Snyder’s 4 hour cut of Justice League even though I grew up reading DC Comics.

    If they released it directly onto Disney+, maybe, but not if they release it for the cinema.

  2. Melanie Durham

    I’ll watch it!

  3. KenR

    Fans are not divided about The Last Jedi. It’s pretty much agreed that it sucked and is the worst Star Wars movie made.

    1. eboe

      Speak for yourself, spanky. Some people know to appreciate art as it is created and not act like whiny children when it isn’t written perfectly for them. So speak for yourself and your troll warrior army.

  4. SJ

    Uh, wasn’t he the director? Not like the version we got wasn’t his cut to begin with. It’s like we’re asking for Disney to release the ‘other’ Abrams cut which wouldn’t be a thing.

  5. Go ahead Release THIS NEW CUT.Actually go back and RE-EDIT the entire movie the way it was supposed to be… this pandemic destroyed the lives of millions so what could be worse ? At least some of us would be glad to watch another version of a movie many of us did not even bothered to buy on dvd or bluray not even for a sweet American dollar !!!

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